chibi desi


why do you care so much if they lie and manipulate others, if you were in a real war would you do that? Of Course, so why not do that here
People are right the chi forums are so much more entertaining.. but did i read this right...? You are saying in a real war if you were defending your country you would much rather switch sides and fight for the enemy.... you realize you are saying what you would do is treason and you asked who wouldn't do that... RIP for every fallen soldier that felt as though fighting for our country and dying was a noble and honorable death.


I heard a rumor that Alba is whining like a bunch of pre -schoolers that didn't get their naps. lol.
I've heard that too.

However respect where it is due, some players have been great adversaries and today they have been gracious and acted with dignity. Just want to say to those guys it has been a pleasure playing against you for the last few months, thanks for making Chi so enjoyable