Rumors of Edessa

baby bear

i am trying to be happy, i know sarcasm can sometimes escape you aeo, but i was actually trying to poke ya not try and break your morale. ask anyone on my team thats on skype, im rarely serious unless i have a cs heading your way, lol

baby bear

yo snoww!! you notice those Nemesis guys? worst abp for an alliance their size. you can tell the only abp is from internals and inactive former TF players. now i could be wrong, but, 1 guy in the top 100 abp and only 6 in the top 200, yet how many players are in the top 100? pathetic excuse for an alliance if you ask me, what a joke. but hey, im just a silly bear.


pick that mic back up kiddo.. as MoM/DoM is moving northeast and we're moving south/ west.. hmm makes sense. and you say there's only about 8 alliances playing well maybe you should tell that to the badgers, nemesis, faction and a couple others.. because last time i checked you guys could use them if you aren't already ;)
Lol Vanilla Franchise, Why are you so active on the externals and not in game, get some more cities in game haha


This is very interesting reading keep up the good work all. I haven't been to Barnes and noble site to pick out a new book yet but it seems I don't have to. All I could ever want is rite here. 8)