Ritchie Boys / Colonuss Alliances


I don't get it. What do Colonuss member on the outskirts of the world do without enemies? What's their shortest cs travel time?


Ok we are going to win the whole thing no dumb TRB or Collossus noobs. If you guys lose a city to Petrika to easily then u obviously suck

but let the wars begin when the world wonders start not now this is just for fun there is too much time to still build up

Simmers can win worlds too!

yea only because the rest of their alliance does something
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Crazy what has happened in the last couple of months. This thread reads like a complete inaccuracy at this point.

The Exiled / TRB merge has me nervous now, though.


Yeah really nothing..... The only thing you guys have done is shown who the wussies are.... and they have left. As for cities....... I've drowned so many of your troops..... I have a perfect record on cities I support.... never lost one :)


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"I have a perfect record on cities I support" sure so you could support one city and never lose it.....good job.

How's it going over there? you know the whole op you think it will help? how's those banned players you got doing for ya? Someday you'll run out of bots and we will really find out theres like 5 real people in ER LMAO!


I don't even know what you are talking about... we don't have banned players to my knowledge. If we do.... let's face it. They were the only ones caught. Just like Neil Armstrong. His first tour de france victory should really have gone to 23rd place. No one knows who the other 22 druggies are. Only him because he was in first place :) same here. Every alliance has a botter or two.. As for the checking of this I believe grepolis only checks the top.