Requested thread- trash talk central


Hey Legions, feeling safe and secure? You probably shouldn't be! :p

One of my friends in PoW wanted me to post these quotes :eek:

"Hey Guys.. I Was Wondering If I Could Join Your Clan. Currently I'm In Legion Of Hell. The Reason Is Because As I Was Being Attack By Some Pillars Of War My Asking For Help In Defending Fell Upon Cold Tidings.. I Asked For Help And They Said That I Should Leave The Alliance Because I'm Too Far Away To Help.. I'd Like To Join The Pillars Of War In Order To Help Dominate This Region And Also To Get Back At The Legions."

"How About An Exchange..? I'll Tell You Guys Where And Who Legion Will Attack In Exchange For You Guys Not Attacking Me?"

After one attack.... "I want to survive. please halt all attacks on me. I have left Legion of Doom."
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Poor player, begging for mercy. lol thisisgrepolis

Well I guess all the things that HazzardWarning said about, "MRA LEGIONS and Incognito taking care of the noob players instead of laughing at them and what not" was a lie. Not surprising. Bye bye coalition of noobs..
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Awesome check mate you made me a trash talk thread!!!
Super cool...

Your all doomed, you suck I hate you all, I'm gonna mop the floor with all you ugly faces!

Thanks for opening an interesting thread check-mate


We need not to be concerned that we have an alliance of noobs because all of our members are incredibly skilled in the game of titanfall


Sorry I do not mean to make fun of you if English is not your first language but you spelled "good" wrong


they are ones we are taking, which means we are not tryign to defend them. You are getting them for free, not sure thats a great accomplishment...