Recombining Servers

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How would everyone feel if US suddenly announced that it was going back to EN?

Assuming in this event that US player's had their gold transfer via email link.

The reason being is that it appears that US is struggling to fill its core/rim oceans. So i'd like to gauge opinions on it.


We would like to clarify that there are currently no plans whatsoever to merge the US and EN markets.

Seen as the topic of potential merging of servers with small populations has been brought up in the player council, we believe TSM was merely asking for general opinions about such a merge to begin with.

InnoGames is aware of such suggestions, especially from markets that are significantly smaller than the US market and may investigate infrastructural requirements in the future. However, as said before, there are currently no plans to perform such a merge with the EN and US servers.

If you would like to share your opinion about server merges altogether, please use the following discussion.
Not open for further replies.