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We would like to clarify that there are currently no plans whatsoever to merge the US and EN markets.

InnoGames is aware of such suggestions, especially from markets that are significantly smaller than the US market and may investigate infrastructural requirements in the future. However, as said before, there are currently no plans to perform such a merge with the EN and US servers.

If you would like to share your opinion about server merges please do so here.


Just would like to say that while there may be markets smaller than the US, I do believe that this is more due to things like first World vs Second World vs Third World countries. Internet accessibility in the country itself and the laws concerning by their Govt. The US is a huge First World. Internet is super accessible and etc. I think the complaint is more so in line with how small we are, for our country/market in comparison to the capacity of what it could be (and used to be). I joined years ago off a TV ad (lol). Not saying spend the money to air those, but idk.

Thanks for listening Medic and team!


I obviously have my own views. As I do see the US as declining and a possible En merge as a fix. Something that I've suggested since before the player's council was announced.

But I do want to make clear. I don't feel there was anything in the original thread that required this level of response. I was asking for feedback, not stating this as fact. Nor have I referenced any other servers. Nor have I referenced anything from the council. And on top of that, only one person gave any feedback at all.

I simply wanted gauge the room. And I feel that everyone else understood that. I'm sorry for any confusion caused otherwise as it wasn't my intention to cause a panic.
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