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To keep the forums alive I'll be starting to randomly interview members of alliances. Normally for the newspaper we interview leaders. I think thats unfair so this thread will be for Member interview. I'll be interviewing up to 7 people a week and they will be randomly chosen from the top 12 alliances.
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Today's Interview
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about the new domination game mode so far?
Angelus76:I must admit, as a relative inexperienced player I believe most of all are moving forward anxious on how the domination islands are going to look like. I feel fortunate to be learning from a great group of players, so I am very excited about this world.
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about this world so far?
Angelus76:Boy! Like many other, I am surprised and annoyed by how soon/fast people starting going into naps and shit. I believe the spirit of domination is to race to grow as fast as possible and consolidate that sense of domination. Alliances entering these naps should realize that sooner than later, they will be food to alliance with the upper hand within the nap. Run Forrest, you are being used! Lol. To my recollection, this is the first speed 4 world I’ve played... It might cost me my marriage! Lol
Toxicgamer2343234:What about the wars you have fought in or have witnessed?
Angelus76:What wars? So far seems like BS and NBS are just cruising. I believe that superiority could be challenged in the near future... maybe?
Toxicgamer2343234: Do you have any thoughts on the fight between gribbe and Mayhem88 today and do you possibly see them going to war in game or do you believe it's just going to be forgotten about?
Ain’t gribbe part of the “A thru Z Mafia”? I hope they do!
I don’t think many people take the trash talk seriously... oh wait, maybe that kid Toxic!:D
I found the server discord chat extremely entertaining, and a great complement to the game. Although I must admit, I am not completely tracking the beef between those 2!


Toxic fishing for likes


10/8/18 Interview
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about the new domination game mode so far?
DraSherk: it's not really different thus far. Everyone is Napping and Pacting still and since we're nowhere near dom. it's basically the same. Ask me in 59 days how I think of Dom vs WW.
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about the wars you have been in?
Drasherk:In this world? I would say that I have nothing exciting to say on that topic.
Toxicgamer2343234:How does your alliance compare to other alliances you have been in or what do you like about your alliance?
Drasherk: Chaos is significantly smaller than other alliances I've been in. I've been in pretty large alliances in the past. in the brief periods i was in a smaller alliance, we merged as an alliance into one of the top alliances. So being in a smaller alliance is new to me, and an adjustment. It is also weird to be seen as one of the more experienced players, because I still feel like I learn something new about grep everyday. I like that many of the players in Chaos came over together from 71, so many of us know how to work together. I like that our team works together.
Toxicgamer2343234:How's your relationship going with you're yoga bf?
You know, we had a rocky moment after your interview with him. The marriage was a shock. We came in together from an alliance we share in 71, but then he left the alliance for BS/NBS who has many players that are red in the other world we share, so it's been a struggle. I think we have some things to work out if we want our relationship to survive this world.
Toxicgamer2343234:That's sad you guys seem like a very good couple.
Drasherk:lol. Every relationship has it's ups and downs, and only time will tell.
Toxicgamer2343234: True well I do hope the best for you two.