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10/9/18 Interview
Toxicgamer2343234:Time for the blandest interview ever.
What do you think about this new game mode domination?
Gribbe:I think the domination game mode will be fun just because it forces people to actually play and not sim like alliances have done in the past.
Toxicgamer2343234:What do think about the world so far?
Gribbe:This world seems like every other world with people hugging, but Mafia just did a big hug which made everyone mad. I think everyone is on the same page though that come domination time you need to consolidate into one alliance because I think you can't cycle for a crown like in Wonders correct me if I'm wrong.
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about your alliance?
Gribbe:My alliance is fricking awesome. It has me myself and I in it and we don’t take crap from anyone.
Toxicgamer2343234:What about the wars you been in or have witness? Oh wait you have no wars or have witnessed any wars next question.
Gribbe:I was in Mafia for the start of a war I guess. I was the first victim lol.
Toxicgamer2343234:How did it feel to be rimmed by Boby shamers?
Gribbe:I don’t take it personally, it’s a war game. I wish I could’ve stuck around but I wasn’t invested in that alliance or this world really. I am really just playing to have some fun and tell some stories.
Toxicgamer2343234:Would you consider to be a Maul follower?
Gribbe:Never heard that term used before but I honestly just go with the flow. In Katane Maul and I would have fights on the externals but we ended up becoming friends. I like to play however I feel comfortably with and if Maul and I cross paths being in the same alliance that is just an added bonus.


Today's Interview
Toxicgamer2343234: What do you think about the new game mode domination so far?
Toxicgamer2343234: Well it really seems like the winner of the world is decided within the first two weeks of the world being opened. It's be quite boring so far not much has changed. People are still simming which will never end up chnaging it's basically what is left of the game is just simming.
Toxicgamer2343234: What do you think about the world so far.
Toxicgamer2343234: Like I said there's not much to say about the world so far just a bunch of veterans fighting small players. It's basically a food fest for the top alliance.
Toxicgamer2343234: What do you think about the wars you have been in or have witnessed.
Toxicgamer2343234: i have been in two major wars. They seem to be easy we might be losing cities and we lost 14 cities yesterday but that's to be expected when you have the top two allainces coming after you. I still haven't lost a city yet in this world though They have tried to take a city from me but they have failed both times.
Toxicgamer2343234: What do you think about you alliance and the people you play with.
Toxicgamer2343234: I am very proud of my alliance we have seen major battles but we are still here and plan on staying here for the long run. Now we might not be able to win this world but we will be able to have fun in this world and lrean from the experience we gain from this world.
Toxicgamer2343234: When can everyone expect the second issue of the Mochlos Times.
Toxicgamer2343234: They can expect it on the first of November 2018.
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This is true. Today was the first time I had 12 notifications that weren't 'Baconeggs liked you post'
he never got to invterview Bezama :(

i really wanted to hear all about all those wars he won on the EN worlds.....