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Order of Prometheus


Order of Prometheus is going to be starting in SouthWest this alliance will be hand picked but will not be a MRA you will have to send a application to join this alliance to me or Complete Anarchy who will be the other founder.

About Us:
Me and Complete Anarchy has been playing grepolis for about 2 years now in many EN worlds we just started playing US servers due to the progress there making and EN is not. One of our biggest alliance was in Byllis a EN server were I was Leader/War General of Order of Prometheus which was created by Razc and Cilegna. We will carry on the tradition on US server.

To go to World Wonders we will be wanting to fight along side one another to take out other alliances and take our ocean and surrounding oceans.

Founder: Escape King
Founder: Complete Anarchy
Leader: N/A
Diplomat: Escape King

We will have 4 other council members besides the 2 founders and leader which will make it 7 council.
(Reason we choose 7 is if there is a 3 to 3 vote then that other 1 person can decide with there vote it works in the long run)

Location: SouthWest

Escape King
Complete Anarchy
Johan Franken

Skype: aaron394860
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Hey I would be willing to join you alliance. I have been playing for 2 years on both US and EN servers. I have quite a bit of experience with leadership and think I could really help the alliance. I have a good amount of experience with Revolt worlds as well and an help any new people if they joined the alliance. I hope I can join and will see you in the game


Looking for an experienced alliance... Played for 1.5 years or so and looking to get back into the game. Played both conquest and revolt worlds, but like revolt best. Would like to join as well. Was top 10 in ABP and top 5 in DBP in the last world I played.


I know that, but if anyone has an educated guess it would interesting to hear