alliance & recruitment

  1. Drunken Empire Alliance - Open to new members

  2. Warmongers Recruiting! A community Alliance!

    Hello all! Orthrus Echo Five here. We are recruiting ANY incoming players who are interested in being a part of a large, community based alliance. There is equal treatment, and in our alliance, nobody is better than anyone else. If you are interested in growing quickly, being traded heavily...
  3. Death Kings

    Will be starting an alliance called Death Kings... if anyone is interested plz leave a comment...if not well then don't Members ~Hannibal13 ~steiri
  4. Conquerors Recruiting

    Hello there, daydude here. I am recruiting for an alliance I recently made called Conquerors. The alliance is, typically, based around spreading out and making new cities, ultimately increasing in power. I switched to Troy from Sparta and don't actually have ships yet because of the swicth, but...
  5. Alliance Recruitment: Epoch/UAS "united alliance sphere branch Epoch

    hello name is Mr.92 currently of the world juktas,,but have been in a few over the years. looking to start up a new alliance..looking for some few but proud leadership and also a few alliances willing to join in a new united coalition right of the bat..ran by one unified government and...
  6. Order of Prometheus

    Order of Prometheus Order of Prometheus is going to be starting in SouthWest this alliance will be hand picked but will not be a MRA you will have to send a application to join this alliance to me or Complete Anarchy who will be the other founder. About Us: Me and Complete Anarchy has been...