King David II

Who says I can't :p
Plus I played here temporarily before I got bored :D
All the alliances here suck, Theta & Rho is where crap happens


I played in Nu for a little bit but didn't like the night time modifier as I'm pretty much a vampire


Glad to see others on here, haven't checked in in awhile because nobody ever posted but I guess I can start checkin in on here more often now. Although it seems to be mainly players I can talk to in the internal forums lol.

I played in rho for a very small amount of time, was unfortunately place on an island with a bunch of player from the same alliance and was farmed to the point where it was impossible to grow lol.
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I have never and will never post on the external forums ;)


Knock Knock is a typical Core alliance pick up, they had a couple good players that took out a couple other alliances and took in their players, and continue to do so till they spun off Who's there. I've been playing for over 5 years and it's rarely any different than that, the core alliance that controls the middle of the world tends to win 90% of the time. especially when any alliance that could challenge them was too busy picking on other smaller alliances. and when kk finally notices them they get obliterated cause no one trusts them enough to truly work with them like DE.


Well, I have seen two servers were core alliance was as overwhelming. Usually other core or rim alliances are giving a real fight back, and it is not sure what happens before fat lady signs. Okay, here KK/WT has gained superior position. I'm still sure there are as good players in other side, they just have to get their acts together. The biggest issues with our opponents has been lack of leadership.


Seems like all of KK's enemies are moving on to different worlds after seeing they have no hope here :D