New God: Deinos - Discussion


Seems a little odd! Did the Greeks have time travel? Then again, they had Gods and they probably can time travel. I'll have to check these guys' properties.


do you have an idea for the cost of myths yet and im guessing the unit speeds are world related right? donkey should stay cheap like the DE, nymphs would seem popular with their low pop maybe make them very expensive or decrease their values and provide a cheap alternative to hydras. i like the sytar though, little cheaper than a harp would make them worth while
I forgot to factor in world speed, well spotted, thanks.

For Nymphs wanted them same speed as Pegs which is 35 on speed 1 worlds.

and I agree they are over powered, as speed is the bonus imo, so think dropping the att and def to 700 is better... maybe?

Great Idea... 4th power has to be Mega meteor.... destroys all known life.... ends All WW in a stroke... first person to unleash 4th Power wins the world, alone.... just everything.
Fantastic idea!
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for what it's worth, en server had the same message


better idea ... new God ...... OneEyedHoplite .. unlimited powers. Remember, in the land of the blind, a one eyed man is king .. or GOD in this case.


Not to keen on this think it is a bit Silly, What next , Aliens landing with Death Rays.

Realized to late 1st April. " GOT ME "
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7th god idea:


1st Spell: AD's war cry makes the enemy players all ghost out of sheer terror.

2nd Spell: AD's alliance automatically wins WW the first time it is cast.

Myth units: AD's minions

That's all I need to say.
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It is always exciting to add a new element to the game. With the increase ability of mythological units to be used through favor farming, in game-game spells, lower favor requirments the game is in need of something that is able to fight back against harpy,griffin, manti attacks. It sounds like this god will be a welcome addition.



where is the 100 free gold?

April Fools .... huh?!?!?!?!
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I like the meteor and t-rex. This would totally screw up the game. Happy april


April Fools.

If this God is released.. Im done with this game lol


I sure hope this is an April Fools joke because this is not historically based on Greek mythology. If its not a joke please don't release this character into the game. The one reason I love this game is because it is based on Greek mythology. I would hate to see it be ruined this way.

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