New God: Deinos - Discussion


wow...bringing T-Rex into roman war? adding jurassic God among the existing ones seems so mixed up. and like a joke character.


This is very accurate in fact historically because according to some book in some shelf the first people to ever take on and defeat a T-Rex where in fact 5 greek slingers.


Well it'd be a interesting twist to the usual. Sure we'll all Enjoy riding a T-Rex ;p What next dragons xD


This does seem like it breaks the "Greece and Myth" genre too much. I agree with the posters upthread... there were so many other Greek gods to choose from; I'm not sure why dinosaurs seemed like the best option.


This is an April Fool's joke. First, the graphic design for the god is poorly made. Second, they can't even make a 4th spell. Third, just why dinosaurs, those ain't myths.
Awh.. spoilsport... Trex is as mythical as any Manti.


New idea for the 4th spell... Invisible gold....

All gold vanishes from this world for 12 hours!
Did someone have enough down time to go to all the effort of making this up, and offering us all 100 gold just to be pulled into the april fools joke?

Perhaps that down time could be better spent (if not fixing bugs) on an actual 7th god? We don't have any ranged flying units yet... :p


Definitely a different kind of God... and one that will bring a new meaning to the word terror... as for the 4th spell, perhaps something like being able to summon a Pterdytyl (the flying dino)

ADs Jarhead

Pleaase don't there has to be a better way! How about a Apollo God? I am a Greek myth buff and have never heard no mess such as this.


It does seem as though the theme has moved away from Greek mythology. Dinosaurs, really? There are plenty of mythical units from Greek mythological times which might be more appropriate

Also, I think I would be happier with the "meteor" feature if it killed a percentage of it's targets as opposed to all of them.
And, the fourth spell: Unkown?? Too much gray area. Maybe at least a random selection from a set, displayed, group of spells.

However, some new features and challenges are welcomed by me. Evolution brings change and keeps the players ever-searching for the perfect formula to defeat our enemies.