Max Farm Level / Population....


So, I am guessing that the population would cease expansion - once it reaches level 40? Geez, haven't these citizens herd of.... oh nevermind....
So, I suppose the only question that would remain (out of mere curiosity) is rather or not it would be possible to demolish the farm and start building levels again?
I already know about researching plow and the thermal baths.... but clearly those methods can only go so far... any thoughts or straight up answers on rather or not demolishing the farm only to rebuild the levels back up would do anything to resolve the population issue? THANK YOU in advance! :-D


Once you have a level 40 farm, plow, and thermals baths you can no longer increase your max population. The only way to free up population then is to kill off troops or demolish buildings.


Demolishing your farm and building it back up again will do nothing but cost you resources. Each farm level has a set ammount of population for said level; level 40 being 3000 population. If you demolish it to level 39, your population will be set back to 2891, so if you had used up all population, you will now have -109 population. Building it back up again will bring back the 3000 available population, therefor heightening your available population to '0' again (+109pop from farm 39 -> 40 )

The only way to get a little more population is the 'land expansion' bonus you could buy from the Grepolympia store, and most likely will be available during a few other events as well. Other than that, there is no way of getting more than 3500 population (level 40 farm + thermal baths + plow) when you're not on a Hero world


Exactly,hero worlds go up to level 45 farm,i think,if i am wrong tell me.