1. Max Farm Level / Population....

    So, I am guessing that the population would cease expansion - once it reaches level 40? Geez, haven't these citizens herd of.... oh nevermind.... So, I suppose the only question that would remain (out of mere curiosity) is rather or not it would be possible to demolish the farm and start...
  2. Sending Units to Support

    Hi I was wondering if I send some of my units to support someone, would I get the units for those men back (the men you get when you build a farm and use to train troops)? I know you get them back when troops die but I'm not sure how it works when you send them to support. Thanks Andrew
  3. Population Space

    Hello all, I am a veteran to strategy games but a noob to this game. For planning purposes, how much free population space do you have for the military once you have maxed out all of your buildings? Thank you.