Lawless/ Outlaw's


Hey! Outlaw's & Lawless in US47 Claydon is now open for recruitment! come on in and join the growth!
We are a bunch of expression players coming together to take another crown!
if you have any questions few free to contact me,


haha you must be looking at the wrong Outlaw's... its the one with the ( ' ) lol.. we are small but far from rimmed.. we are a co alliance of Lawless.. I am a founder of The horde along with Ozymanius333 after the merge into R.A.I.D which then turned them into the RAIDING HORDE. I left and started my own alliance... Lawless lol.... and now I am founding a second co alliance.. Far from rimmed Portopolis.

thanks Kyl! :)
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I think they are long gone mate. Lufus here threatened to take my city first when his alliance casted war on me. Never got an attack after the message I sent back lol