1. Recruitment - Blood Stained Spartans

    Hello all, I am posting this thread as an invitation. I invite all of you to come join the Helorus alliance, Blood Stained Spartans. We are located primarily in ocean zone 55 and are looking for active, experienced players that are looking to join an alliance. We as an alliance are quickly...
  2. Lawless/ Outlaw's

    Hey! Outlaw's & Lawless in US47 Claydon is now open for recruitment! come on in and join the growth! We are a bunch of expression players coming together to take another crown! if you have any questions few free to contact me, -Lufus
  3. Warmongers Recruiting! A community Alliance!

    Hello all! Orthrus Echo Five here. We are recruiting ANY incoming players who are interested in being a part of a large, community based alliance. There is equal treatment, and in our alliance, nobody is better than anyone else. If you are interested in growing quickly, being traded heavily...
  4. Conquerors Recruiting

    Hello there, daydude here. I am recruiting for an alliance I recently made called Conquerors. The alliance is, typically, based around spreading out and making new cities, ultimately increasing in power. I switched to Troy from Sparta and don't actually have ships yet because of the swicth, but...
  5. Renegades have arrived!
  6. Conquistitadors Recruiting

    We are a new alliance looking for players to grow with us. You don't have to be experienced or highly rank. Our only requirements are that you play often and have a score of 700 points or higher. If you are interested in joining please message hellfire55 or badweed. Just...
  7. Dark Covenant - Ocean 35

    Want To Be Great, And Destroy Those Who Defy You? The Dark Covenant is extending you an legendary offer. Join us, the elite and the fastest growing Alliance in Sigma. Under the Rule of Astinus, our Blood King, we have spread from our humble start in Ocean 35 across the vast seas of Simga...
  8. Brotherhood of the Wolf

    The Wolf Clan Summary The Wolf Clan first began in the Lambda World US12, under the name of Varden, which was the best of the Alliances on that world, in order words First Place. Our founders and their leaders are experienced with service time on Grepolis and knowledge of several tactics and...
  9. Completed horsemen training but no opton to recruit new horsment in Barracks

    I have leveled my Academy to the point that I was able to research Horsemen but after performing the research the option to recruit new horsemen is not available in the Barracks. Is there something I am missing. I have tried the game on my tablet and PC with the same issue. I have used Chrome...
  10. Faventibus Deorum (Favored by the Gods) is recruiting in Ocean 30

    See the alliance description and message me in game. See you there! :)
  11. Mughal Empire Recruiting in Ocean 23 and surrounding areas

    Mughal Empire is recruiting active players in Ocean 23 and surrounding areas. We fight as One. All we ask is that your active and participate in Alliance forums and share your knowledge of the game. Contact Fight2Live or miamipw for recruiting.
  12. Hydra wants YOU!

    Hello Friends, I’m the Founder and Co-Leader of the alliance Hydra. I’ve recently transferred here from the European servers. Currently I’m seeking active participants with the intent of moving up in rank, supporting our brethren and creating a community. If you’re interested, feel free to...
  13. Rangatira

    please close this thread