Brotherhood of the Wolf


The Wolf Clan



The Wolf Clan first began in the Lambda World US12, under the name of Varden, which was the best of the Alliances on that world, in order words First Place. Our founders and their leaders are experienced with service time on Grepolis and knowledge of several tactics and resource gathering. The Clan came to this world in order to create this alliance and gather up the old members and pacts to create new pacts. Since the beginning, our members gathered together to assist one another in any way possible, such as resources and units. In addition to giving out resources, we also carry out tips and guidelines to follow for each member to excel in Grepolis, such as tips on gathering resources and building up the army/navy, advice on different tactics on offensive, defensive, or hybrid games, and assisting with a variety of quests.

In the world of Sigma, we are currently in the Top 5 of Alliances with over 100,000 in total points and 60+ members. Our Clan is also looking for new members to recruit that are located in the Oceans 65, 55, or 45. The Clan is not recruiting anyone who is taking refuge, building their city alone, not participating with the alliance, and As of 09 Sept 13, the Clan has founded its second alliance, which is known as the Wolves of Hades. On 11 Sept 13, the name of the alliance was changed for a shorter and simpler name, we changed from Brotherhood of the Wolf to The Wolf Clan due to majority vote.

Requirements to Join
Contact maklom, hades2013, or txredneckwolf on how to join the Clan
  1. 700+ Total Points
  2. Active
  3. Willing to get into a fight and not back down.

Requirements to Pact
Contact General Sen for more information on creating a pact with our Clan
Not made yet

Founder(s): Pack Leader txredneckwolf
  1. Elite Warrior hades2013
  2. Elite Warrior General Sen
  3. Elite Warrior maklom
  4. Wolves of Hades's Leader Emperor Roy

The Wolf ClanWolves of Hades

  • Abracus
  • argenaux
  • artiecat
  • audas1023
  • azxdany8
  • bigbmcm
  • Black Hydra
  • Blake7777
  • bloodmonger
  • Brandonh3173
  • Caninus
  • colder
  • Collectori de Animabus
  • Dan123102
  • dcp1
  • demi-god
  • DevourHearts
  • Drakargh
  • Eragon1222
  • Gakkuri
  • Geshawn
  • Gimblee
  • Gninal Ekim
  • hawaiiancow
  • iamjdeche
  • jason son of zeus
  • jessejay22
  • Kaiser Dave
  • kid4377
  • kittykittykrispy
  • Knoriks
  • Kuro Okami
  • kwongjr
  • KyleXxX
  • leishan
  • Leopard Neko
  • MacAnailigh
  • MajorLazer14
  • Marcus II
  • Mariia
  • matt2215mo
  • Mortech
  • mtcboss
  • omega1980
  • ONI1345
  • PatrickHC
  • puppybear
  • radman1
  • rightatu
  • rtermin
  • Sagitar
  • saphira12
  • Shua
  • silverman12345
  • Snipershark
  • Sorata
  • Sporkmouse
  • Sshale
  • stanhope
  • Storm Khan
  • Sword Of Love
  • Thantious
  • Two Ball Cain
  • vikingd
  • wishme

  • Aven253
  • Elandrasylvanis
  • Emperor Roy
  • HaloDark7
  • haven12
  • HORU5
  • juansoto
  • khris1992
  • Killhyde
  • Littledevilbrand
  • lonesomeghosts
  • Matzeroth
  • Miktorian
  • pro status
  • red112
  • Rexx890
  • scottyaln
  • Sincere2304
  • tdygrabber
  • TheGridOrignal
  • Themistocles 524
  • tot.axident
  • Tripp ze Crusher
  • Wanex
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this is a very smart alliance - they know when to give up when I'm taking a city from them ;)