Juktas News - Week 1


Great job on the paper and ha NAPs do get broken and most of the time its quite fun.
War games are filled with betrayals and wars :D


Not sure where you got this idea from. It appears they've had players leave, but they've only gone solo or formed "Total War".

Otherwise a very good paper. If there's one thing Zane has, it's integrity. He knows this game is about having fun, which can be pretty hard to remember when you're getting your butt whooped ;)
Thanks man. If ever I start taking this seriously slap me a few times. It works in movies so it should here too.


Well there ya go. I expected Celia to know better than to release some insider information. Remember what happened when Snowden spilled the beans?
It doesn't count if there's no harm done ;)


on the 15thNAP
check-mate today at 10:00
Sorry, man

Our council has decided to cancel the NAP.

Apparently this is going into effect immediately.

as far as anyone here is aware we didnt attack till the 16th. dont you hate it when facts show up.
maybe because YOU ATTACKED us? thats what I heard

yea. i played with joe-d on delphi. didnt think he would just break it, but whatever.
hurt you guys more than it helped

anyway, there was something important i was gonna say but now i forget


Thanks guys!

Btw- Does anyone want to do the comics section of the paper?

Alexander the Chase

I agree with the mate who pays the check. They are always fun to read!


Niko needs to make one for us, would love to see his biased insight.