Infection- (selective Premade)

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amirashah you exceed my expectations. I may eventually consider you for a leadership position or a position in general.
Glad you said may, but still to say something like that is just ridiculous at this point, THE WORLD HASN'T EVEN STARTED. LOL

Good luck in this world...


Game Name:Tazerdadog
Skype Name (if you have one):None, but will make one if the alliance intends to use it or you want to talk about anything.
Past accounts if you are comfortable telling me: Don't remember which username they were under...
# of worlds (must be less than 2):Ithaca currently, waiting for Lamia.
Most Points (must be over 300k): Getting there.
Most ABP (must be over 150k) Getting there.
Revolt experience: None, but I know the theory at least
Years of experience (must be 2+): 2+ on and off

I am somewhat new, having had to quit due to real life before I could ever get really deep into a server before. However, I think I got deep enough to understand how the game ticks. To adress the 700 pound gorilla before you find it, the long period of recent inactivity on my current account was due to college finals, I went into that server half-heartedly. I forsee no similar time commitments for the near future however.

I know that I don't have the resume of some of the other applicants - see above ;) - but I am confident I can be a solid player in an excellent alliance.


Glad you said may, but still to say something like that is just ridiculous at this point, THE WORLD HASN'T EVEN STARTED. LOL

Good luck in this world...
Why is that ridiculous? Every alliance needs a few solid leaders and if a player has the experience, saying there is opportunity to help lead is nothing crazy at all. Saying he would consider making me a founder before the world started would be crazy though.


Well 4 members so far isn't bad when our goal isn't quantity, but rather quality. Obviously we will try to stay pretty small within the 1-20 range I am assuming.

Oliver Clothesoff

I sent you a PM X, I guess I need a little more consideration for this world. (even though my monitoring the forums already leads me to think my mind is already made up)


Yes, you have been accepted and I will add tou to the list but If you decide not to join this world just let me know. Nice to have you with us.

Just another announcement- we aren't taking many more players, if you are interested apply.

remember you must meet the requirement or if you dont but are a good player in general (white khalifa) then I may except anyways but we are only taking a few more players.
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kergaught you just don't have enough of the requirements, sorry I am gonna have to turn down your application.
Fair enough, I probably would have done the same in your position, Thanks for the consideration.


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Game Name: MountainDewer
Skype Name (if you have one): wenjiazhangus
Past accounts if you are comfortable telling me: I just use this account
# of worlds (must be less than 2): None, just this one (Account will be deleted in Juktas soon)
Most Points (must be over 300k): Only 80k back in world Theta
Most ABP (must be over 150k): I don't really remember, but I knew I had 11 cities, so around 40k
Revolt experience: Upsilon
Years of experience (must be 2+): Only 1 year on and off, but I've played in Theta, Omicron, and Upsilon. I know if you look up my username in grepointel it won't show up because I quit all of them due to real life issues. But I am a very active player when I'm playing (yes, aggressive even) and definitely a team player. The alliances I were in were very experienced and they've taught me well, and I'm capable of helping this alliance out. I was brought here by Oliver Clothesoff, who played with me in Upsilon and can vouch for me.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to playing with a very promising alliance :)