Hephaestus Blessing - February Special Worlds Feedback Thread

Lord Corny

Senior Citizen
you will only get a blessed city when you found on a anchor .and you can tell which city you got by what is already built in the city and yes us 97 is the first world doing this .


Anchors are all on rocks! What happens if we conquer a city?
You get that city as it is. Basically you found on a rock or you wait for an anchor to pop on a farm island to get a chance at the different blessing cities.

This is taken directly from the explanation in the Important Announcements tab.
"Worlds which have the Blessing of Hephaestus expand on the existing mechanics which have long been a big part of Grepolis - founding a city!"

Czech Meowt

Only one world came out in Feb with this sort of blessing.... do yall plan on making this a permanent thing possibly? I liked this feature personally.

Emperor Loki

Aye... Selymbria is the only World that came out with this Blessing so far... Maybe it is only for Domination Worlds???