Gythium Newspaper-First Edition



Welcome. This is the first edition of the Gythium Newspaper; sorry I couldnt come up with better name. In this newspaper, there will interviews with people in Gythium and their thoughts on alliances and the wars they are in.

Table of Contents
-Game Stats
-Future Predictions
-Rumours...or The Truth?
-Debate Topics

We have our first guest here, The Smilodon Fatalis from the alliance, War.Hammer!

The Smilodon Fatalis said:
What do you think about the leader, The Candyman ?
Anyone who tries to sell out their allies and then later their team in order to "play on the winning team" as he so elegantly put it isn't worth any respect.

What do you mean by "slaughter" as you have have mentioned earlier?
Well the score is 21-2 or something like that. I've lost count already, math isn't strong suit get off my case. ;)

What makes a good alliance?
Leadership and commitment, if you can't be committed as a leader or player then you have no business in Grepo.

Do you believe that a coalition will form against you and do you think your alliance will win?
Already has, murdering them at this time.

What other alliances do you think are worthy of your attention?
Anyone and everyone as far as i'm concerned.

So that's some insight from The Smilodon Fatalis!

Next up we have Paul S. from the alliance The Misfits

Paul S. said:
What alliance have you declared war against?
I cannot answer at the moment as we are in no current wars.

What thoughts do you have about the opposing alliance?
I cannot answer at the moment as we are in no current wars.

What makes a good alliance?
Effective leadership and leading by example. Being a player who realizes that the alliance isn't there for you, you are there for the alliance and it's the duty of the leader to go through hell for his team.

What other alliances do you think are good?
War.hammer, Southern Alliance, and Scourage

What do you feel about the war?

I cannot answer this as I am in no current wars. But the Imperial network (all alliances starting with Imperial) is at war with Warmongers. Seems WM, is winning..

Here you go! A player that is not in a war!

Next up we have RussBuss!

RussBuss said:
1.) How is the War going on between The Rebellion...and War.Hammer?
I think the war between The Rebellion... and War.Hammer has been crazy. So far WH is destroying TR, my guess is current leadership, just turns out WH has better leaders than TR.

2.) What do you think about the founder of War.Hammer, The Smilodon Fatalis?
I think that The Smilodon Fatalis is not one to be messed with, He can Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk, which most can only talk.

3.) What makes a good alliance?
The things that make a good alliance are good leaders, loyal and active players, and members active on the alliance forums.

4.) Will The Rebellion make it to World Wonders?

I do not think The Rebellion... will make it to the world wonders because all of the active players left and they have bad communication within the alliance.

5.) What other alliances are also worthy of your attention?

I'd say the alliance that caught my attention the most is Southern Alliance, in the beginning they were a big MRA and had bad coordination, then they took a decent sized city from War.Hammer and I started to watch them. I later seen they started to coordinate their attacks and communicate, plus they cut off the dead weight. If they ever go to war with War.Hammer, It would be big, this would not be like the other pushovers.

There you go!!!

Next up we got Charl, a player that IS NOT in Gythium!!!

Charl said:
1.) What do think about the alliances in Gythium?
I have no clue. I am not in this world...Heard that War.Hammer's pretty good...

2.) Which founder is better at leading their alliance, The Smilodon Fatalis of War. Hammer or The CandyMan of The Rebellion...?

Based on their forum posts, Smilodon

3.) Who's the worst player in Gythium?

Are you in Gythium? If you are than obviously Stogie <3

4.) Do you think Gythium will make World Wonders?

I do because the new end game feature hasn't been announced yet. It could be awhile before it is.

5.) What makes a good alliance?

A good alliance is one that has all of it's members involved in OPs and Support. A lot fo people say that it is all a leader that makes an alliance great, but I disagree. You need hard working, aggressive players with good teamwork. However it requires a good leader to be able to recruit an alliance full of those people.

Teamwork and Coordination =Success

That was Charl in an interview :)

Now we got another member of War.Hammer, Liquid Gold, on what's happening in the WH-TR War...

Liquid Gold said:
1.) What do you think about the war against The Rebellion... and their pacts?

What war ? 30-2 score or what..
What pacts? By the way maybe u can tell me about this.
We don't have time for this now, we have to consilidate our position.

2.) What are your thoughts on the founder of The Rebellion..., The Candyman?

Decent player. I think. I don't know him so well. As a leader maybe he made some mistakes, from what i saw on forum.

3.) What makes a good alliance?

Short version: Very active leaders, very demanding, good organisation, better if a leader can be online 24/7. In shifts like a job. Also a good alliance has best options in terms of diplomacy. Recruitment it's also an important aspect, and when i said demandin i meant here to. A good alliance has to be very demanding with actual players and eventual new recruits.

4.) What other alliances do you think are also good?

Southern Alliance and The Misfits are very good.

5.) Will your alliance declare a war against every alliance iin the future?

We will declare war only when we need to expand. For us positionig it s important in WW perspective.

There you have it. War.Hammer in the lead!

Next we got Bend24 in an exclusive interview!

Bend24 said:
What alliance(s) is your alliance at war with?
We are at war with Fire Nation, Acidicdemons, and East Coast Alliance Queens.
What do you think about the war?
These alliances have all proved pretty pathetic so far to be honest. We generally walk into their players cities. The players also generally get no to little help from their alliance. I think we have only had one or two attempts to break our sieges, they were pretty terrible attempts at that. I honestly am hoping that one of them starts attacking us soon, getting a little boring taking these cities uncontested.

Are there still MRAs in Gythium?
Hahaha. Yes, most definatly. Honestly its easier to name the alliances that aren't MRA than aren't. Pretty much the entirety of the top 12 are MRAs. Warhammer, Southern Alliance, and Misfits are the only top 12 alliances I would consider good. The Rebellion isn't an MRA I suppose, but not great either.

What alliance has gained your respect?
Southern Alliance, I initially thought they were an MRA with poor leadership. Since then they have trimmed the fat and have some nice abp to go along with it. Looks like they have a few top notch fighters in there. I am just waiting for the war between them and Warhammer, we all know its coming. Come on guys just give us what we want already :)

What makes a good alliance?
Good leadership, good active players, and great teamwork. As my little alliance proves numbers mean very little. We are currently fighting 4 or 5 alliances that combined have over 200 members probably. When I say fighting btw I mean taking cities off them, despite numerous threats I think we have only recieved a few attacks so far.
Now The CandyMan has finally responded!!!!!

The Candyman said:
What makes a good alliance?
I believe that structure, determination, and activity make a great alliance.

What other alliance(s) are worthy of your attention?
I would say that War.Hammer, Southern Alliance, The Misfits, and Dark Tide are worthy of my attention. Many other alliances will rise and gain my attention over time, but for now those are the main ones.

Seems to me, you and The Smilodon Fatalis have a big rivalry. What do you think of him?
I think of him as a great fighter, and yes, we do have a nice rivalry, we talked a lot in the beginning, he was helping my alliance our, or so i thought, he wanted us weak for his alliance to move in easily.

Will there be a coalition against War.Hammer?
I am not completely sure, me and one of my pacts are at going to war with them, i do not know who else will join in.

Will your alliance make to World Wonders?
My alliance will be in WW one way or another. This fight between us and War.Hammer will be a long one, but I believe that many alliances around them including The Misfits may turn on them and slow their growth.

Amirashah is busy with his alliance, so an interview will be here soon enough! :):):)
Interview Coming soon

Game Stats


Warning: Some of the predictions may be false

-War.Hammer disbands because of a GrepoPirate but will regroup
-The Rebellion Disbands
-The CandyMan pleas to join War.Hammer
-The Misfits take on War Hammer and The Rebellion


-The Candyman wants to join WH
- Southern Alliance and The Misfits are holding talks on a merge/brother alliance
-TSF plans his second victory to conquer R.H.Stogus
-Southern Alliance takes on War Hammer!

Debate Topics-

R.H.Stogus rimmed for the second time in Gythium
Will WH make to WW
What dark horse alliance will appear?
Bets on who rims who( WH and southern alliance)
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