Grepolis Sink/Swim

king Xeno

Not a good day for the Spam Squad

king Xeno

The only ones left in The Boob Squad are from HH lol isn't that karma.... They are just doing hand offs so Grim is looking great at this point in time. The cheaters might be back tomorrow lets see.

king Xeno

The cheaters are back lol only 3 days for spamming and account sharing. Its amazing these bums attack each other for BP haha Its bums like this that made people stop playing.


Senior Citizen
I do not think i have been banned for 6 days hmmmmm or multi accounting or running scripts. But King Xeno is out of his mind to say An alliance is done. But one alliance has become what they hated friending the world LOL.
who banned for running scripts?

meanwhile russians...
LOL Eddie Guerro nice pull, If you cheat why play though? and not talking about Hawk multi acct talking about another, he knows. Also, i know scripts are being used by someone i trust, Mods are garbage here.
It's me, guys. I'm sorry. I use scripts. Time to earn my Ban name. Simmer3000 brought down low.
Imladrist i like you but no you do not cheat but Jerichoe, Nate and Xander do and i know scripts are being used and i know that another was Multi Accounting. Just a bitch way to play