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Dear potential candidate,

We are happy to see that you are considering to introduce yourself as a candidate for the Grepolis player council.

Please take a moment to write an introduction about yourself to the community and outline why you would be a fitting candidate to represent your language version.

This thread will be kept open until July 30th, 23:59 CEST. Please make sure to have posted your introduction until this date to become a valid candidate for our in-game voting.

The in-game voting is currently scheduled to take place starting August 2nd, 2017.

Disclaimer: This thread will be moderated heavily. Every post that does not comprise an application to the Grepolis player council will be removed accordingly.

Dread Thrill

Before I start, and I'm sure it's been addressed , but The Smilodon Fatalis had posted on the other thread that's apparently been cleaned and locked. I hope there wasn't a systemic error in communication right out the gate.

I'm a seasoned game geek, playing online games since '97. I've been involved in small invite only clans of 8 members on one side of the spectrum, and ran a 3,000 man clan on the other side. Across genres ranging from First Person Shooters to PvP based MMORPGs. However, my affinity has always been with the Real Time Strategy genre.

I originally played Grepolis a few years ago, starting on Psi, and followed by Chi. Medical issues lead to me having to break from my game time, and I only recently came back this January on Rizina. So I was able to experience the "culture shock" as I acclimated to all the updates and balancing that had been done. However, that's a good thing, because I've been thoroughly enjoying myself, and am looking forward to playing Apollonia.

With my gaming experience, there isn't much I haven't seen. I've also been involved in several alpha and beta tests for games such as Asheron's Call, DarkFall, Aliens Vs. Predator, ShadowBane, and more. I also have experience in focus groups centered on fact finding and problem solving due to my experience as upper echelon management in production facilities (Cooper Electric, Eaton, Alko-Kober to name a few). And being as I work from home now working as a consultant online, I literally am almost always online.


I am PinkFloyd312. Many know me from my experience. I came in with Xi and won. I currently play in Hyper and Zac. Have played in many other worlds as well.

As far as experience I don't know what to say other than my stats speak for themselves. I have a history with grepo and have been banned. Not for cheating but for calling out cheaters and most of those have been proven.

I have some good ideas for game play but am more concerned with getting rid of the cheaters and providing "PERMANENT NEVER COME BACK" bans for the botters. Not the 5 day attackable in which they can reload.

As I read from the two people that replied after me (who know me well enough) I need to say a little more. Yes I hate cheaters flat out and hunt them down. There is also where I play. I am representing Hyperborea. This is the old system where the game was pure and the system where I won in Xi before heroes.

I have a bunch of ideas as to game play. The biggest positive thing grepo did in the last few years was have the night bonus on Zac in the US server.

The gold trade has caused an unfair advantage in worlds. Now don't get me wrong as I have sold every resource I have for gold to just bank in Hyper. That was not around in Xi US15. There was one constant in the world and that was resources. It was like the speed of light no matter how much you spent to build faster you couldn't get more resources unless someone flat out gave them to you. Now you can buy them. There needs to be gold trade worlds and non gold trade worlds. I can go on and on.

Like I said I am representing US5 Hyperborea. I have played in many other worlds but that is my home. There are many players who like that kind of play style. Don't get me going on Crowns. A win and a crown are two different things.

I hope you consider the person from the retirement world of Hyper.
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Player's Council
Dear Grepolis Community,
I would like to represent you on the Grepolis Player Council. I've been concerned about the decline of the game for some time now. I share concerns with PinkFloyd312 and many in the EN forum about the rampant bot usage in the game. I believe that the perceived lack of integrity of the game where bot usage is concerned and the apathy toward it has lead to the player number decline that we are seeing now. My second concern is the end game. This has been talked about for YEARS and literally has not changed. This forum is littered with ideas for end game changes and improvements, and I believe that taking these community concerns directly to the developers is long overdue.

Who I am:

Hello Community. My name is Amy, and I am a Grepolis addict. I started playing on Chi. I've played with and against the greatest players to ever play this game on US and EN servers. I've played both CQ and Revolt servers. Personally, I'm in marketing as a market researcher. An example of the subjects that I have delved into concerning grepolis and an idea of what I can bring to the table would be this thread in the Gela forum.

I realize this thread is over a year old, but I never created another post like this because I felt like Innogames and Grepolis didn't care. I hope that with the creation of this council they now are ready to explore the game from a user standpoint. I may be setting myself up for disappointment, but I do expect results and meaningful changes to happen as a result of this council.

Thank you,


Player's Council
First - vote for Amy - if there is a second choice ... I would be a good representative on the council for you. I think we need to Make Grepolis Great Again
. Many of those that have played for years have already decided they have no interest in "winning" ever again ... a crown from any world is a meaningless thing. Even a "win" is a simming award. For me that is the #1 issue - as Amy said - the end game HAS to change for the players to come back and players (like me) to stay. Make winning something people care about again and competition goes up. Competition goes up new players are encouraged to stay and learn the great addiction that is Grepolis.

Who I am:

I started playing on Chi. I've played conquest and revolt. I have been everything from a foot soldier to a founder in the number one BP alliance on a server. Played from the center of 55 and on the rim in 74. I love the art of the game ... tactics using the battle mechanics to long run strategy. I want the game healthy - holding the long time players interest and still inviting the new players to come and adventure with us ... and spend their money.

Thank you,


Hello Dear Mate.
My name is OLARAY. Grepolis is more than a game and I will like to represent you on the Grepolis player council. have gather enough exprience from my daily online activity in Grepo
I've been concerned about the game for some time now and i believe there should be a lot of input from players, Each players idea and need will be adequately represented most especially from the continent of Africa where i am now and the world in general. i hope you will give me this opportunity to serve you in this laudable project.
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