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Go to the city you are playing as, click on the city you want to send to, and click trade.


Never mind, got it thanks. I had to be in the island view


How do you kill a Manticore. I am getting hammered by them


Eye... Archers terrible for mantis. If you see a hop nuke though... go gettem Mantinuke! :eek:


Starting a City or Building a Rock City Guide:

I have tested this method and so has a couple of friends. Forget what you learned about building cities and adapt to the problem of being on a rock. Lack of resources.

Choose Andromeda as starting Hero...

So your first goal is Academy level 7 and Ceramics, plus a little warehouse space.
Then ramp up all resources production to level 15-20 all 3 types.

I do two levels of each resource building type at a time and then one level of the warehouse for the room due to the increased speed of resources production. After Academy 7.

Get a couple of market levels at least 6 so you can trade spare resources for what you need.

Then focus on Senate to level 14+

During the build-up of the Senate, be sure to get Academy to 13 and Harbor to 10 in between Senate levels. So you may have a Colony Ship to Found.

It only takes an hour, up to two hours for each building level on resources.

Slow at first, but bypasses wasting time on Senate in favor of fast resource production first before fast building.

Resources first solve the problem of lacking.

Then you can go for speed building once you got a ton of resources coming in. You can even toss in Christopoulos for a boost, plus research architecture and crane for resource reduction to building upgrades and faster upgrades time.

This is the quickest way to build on a rock and helps with the slow resources problem, right from the start.
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Archers as Defenders and Attackers Guide:

If you have a City with 2000 Archers and 20 Cerberi and that is all you have handy with minimal aid, this strategy is handy.

Let's say your enemy neighbor has a Griffin, Slinger, Hoplite, or Harpy Nuke ready and awaiting an Op and you want to preemptively strike.

You can take out their nuke with your archers and still have a defense if you catch them offline or they dodge. With the exception of Hoplites, which end in a near draw vs Archer Attacks.

1)60 Griffins x 100 Ranged Defense is 6000 Ranged Defense Total

2)2400 Slingers x 2 Ranged Defense is 4800 Ranged Defense Total

3) 2400 Hoplites x 7 Ranged Defense is 16,800 Ranged Defense Total

4) 120 Harpies x 1 Ranged Defense is 120 Ranged Defense Total

1) 800 Archers x 8 Ranged Attack is 6400 Ranged Attack Total

2) 500 Archers x 8 Ranged Attack is 4800 Ranged Attack Total

3) 2000 Archers x 8 Ranged Attack is 16,000 Ranged Attack Total

4) 20 Archers x 8 Ranged Attack is 160 Ranged Attack Total

You still have 1200, 1500, 0, or 1980(virtually all Archers left) Archers and 20 Cerbs to defend and you just took out the enemy Griffin, Slinger, Hoplite, or Harpy Nuke.

None of those instances the enemy will likely have walls.

On the Defensive end, 2000 Archers have

14,000 Blunt Defense
60,000 Sharp Defense
26,000 Ranged Defense

Archers are good Defense and deceptive attackers. I love hunting down my enemy's Slinger Nukes with my Archer defense.


You are welcome... Those are the two Guides I personally wrote, based on my gameplay experience in Grepolis... I'm something of an idiot, they say... At least they didn't take credit for my guides though...

I have shared these in a few worldes... Thank you, Developers, for Alexandrios and Philotectes... Now I can get faster recruitment on my beloved Archers and an Attack/Defense boost to up my ratio of a win to lose vs those troops mention in my Guides...

People have been trying to tell me since I started that you couldn't use Archers to attack, but people started getting the hint with the two newest heroes. I just kept my mouth shut until the right time...

In my opinion, Archers are more versatile as an all-around unit than any of the others. Especially with the two heroes that boost Archers, with the exception of Mythicals. This is why Archers always have been, since I started, and always will remain my favorite basic unit.

How no one did the type difference calculations and the win-loss ratios on Archers sooner is beyond my good sense...

I have been playing these kinds of games for 15+ years... It was never a mystery to me on what value Archers had, based on the Math of the game...

You have been schooled by the worst player in the game, Grepolis... You're welcome, once again...
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any advice on how to do this without a premium account ... or is it no gold no chance to win ? if that is the case not a free game now is it!
The best and least time consuming . . Would be to ignore upgrading resource buildings with the exception of getting your timber to level 15 . Then upgrade your harbor to level 30 . Then after that upgrade your farm once to increase the population enough to build more then the remainder upgrade buildings from smallest timer to highest . That way if your city gets seized you really haven't wasted time . Then after everything is upgraded to it's max amount . Now comes to why I said not upgrading your resources . By now you can demolish them literally down to where you get like 216 per hour on timber and silver and slightly more in the quarry and have just enough to collect from farming villages for the city festival in agora or to train . Plus the demolishing resources down will add population space to train troops .This city without troops has a population of 3262 download (38).jpg
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Thank you for the information. Though I have played other war games, ane owned alliance, this game is a little more detailed and everyone's troops are different. So thank you again for the information. It helps a lot.