Grepolis for Dummies



Game Basics

Before you get started, you should know a few basic things about Grepolis. This information will be useful as you are starting up as well as after you have gained multiple cities. However, this is not intended to be everything in Grepolis. You can find more information on the wiki.

Types of Worlds
Right now, there are two main setting differences for a world. A world can be either Revolt, or it can be Conquest.

Conquest: In a conquest world, you have to send an attack with a Colony Ship to a city and have it land successfully, without the Colony Ship dying. Now, a timer starts where you have to defend the city you landed the CS in. The timer is 24 hours divided by the world speed. In this time, the enemy will have time to attack his city in an attempt to destroy the Colony Ship. It will be destroyed if either all land troops are destroyed, or all naval defenses are destroyed. If you successfully hold the CS in the harbor for the allotted time, you conquer the city. For more information, please view the Conquest section of the wiki.

Revolt: Revolt worlds are a bit simpler. The first step is to launch a revolt attack at another city. If it hits and lives, a revolt timer will be added to the city. The timer lasts 12 hours. After this timer ends, you have 12 hours to have another Colony Ship attack successfully land at the city. If it does, the city is immediately conquered. For more information, please view the Revolt section of the wiki.

Types of Units
There are two types, land, and naval. Land troops tend to be the second wave of forces that attack another city. This is because they are vulnerable to any leftover naval defenses left in the defending player's harbor. Even with a naval escort, they will still die quickly in this situation.

There a many types of basic land troops. Each one has its own damage type strengths and weaknesses. The three damage/defense types are Sharp, Blunt, and Distance. Each Offensive unit is weak against its respective strength :

Hoplites: Costs a lot of stone and silver. Uses one population. Has a sharp attack, and is also weak against distance heavy attacks. These are also somewhat decent for defending against blunt attacks, although not quite as good as the chariots

Slingers: Costs mainly stone with less wood and silver. Uses one population. Has a distance attack and is weak against distance heavy attacks. These are quick to build and use less resources than the other offensive troops. They get used quite often in battle. Do not ever use these for defense.

Horsemen: Costs more silver than the other resources, but the resources used is more balanced than the other troops. These use up three population spaces. They also have quite a long build time. However they also have the strongest attack/population. They are also very good at farming player villages, as they can carry a lot of resources. These have a blunt attack but have an extremely poor defense against sharp heavy attacks. Do not ever use these for defense.

Catapults: Very expensive, very slow, but they knock down walls. A few of these can be nice to soften up the target cities before taking it. However, they tend to be used more often in Revolt worlds, because in conquest worlds, you still need to defense the city for a time period. More on world types will be covered later.

Swordsmen: These are the basic troops you get when you start a new world. They are very good at defending against distance attacks, but are weak against sharp heavy attacks. They use only wood and silver to be built. So you will have a lot of stone leftover when building many of them. Do not ever use these for attack.

Archers: These also do not use any stone to make, however, they are a bit wood heavy. They excel in defending against sharp attacks, but are weak against blunt heavy attacks. These are also decent farmers, however, do not use them for this purpose unless you know the city is clear. Otherwise, as a rule, don't use these for attacking.

Chariots: These are more expensive troops, comparable to the horsemen. However, unlike horsemen, they are great for defence and decent for attack. In defense, they are strong against blunt heavy attacks but are weak against sharp attacks. In attack, they use sharp.

You should build a mixture of each of these troops and ships depending on your designated city type, which is covered in the next section.

Naval Units – Unlike land units, you do not need to deal with different damage types.
Light Ships: The offensive workhorse of any alliance. These are the best naval unit to attack with. In Conquest worlds, these are also used for sniping, as well as defense in a sense. Because any transports in an attack are easily killed by naval defenses (other than fire ships), these should always be the first wave of attacks.

Biremes: These are the primary naval defensive unit. Whether defending yourself or defending your conquest, they won't let you down.

Fire Ships: These are a very interesting defensive unit. Instead of having a base defense value, they will destroy attacking ships on a 1:1 ratio. This only happens after all Lightships/Biremes are destroyed. However, Colony ships, Transports, and Fast Transports will pass right through unharmed. Because of this, combined with their extremely slow speed, they are rarely ever used.

Triremes: The jack-of-all-trades, master of none. These have a decent attack and a decent defense power. However, they take up more population and are outclassed by dedicated Bireme and Light Ship cities.

Transports: These are the basic naval unit you can use just after building the harbor. They carry your troops to attack or defend cities on other islands. They are quite slow however, only the Colony ship is slower. Therefore, it is easier for your target to figure out if an attack is purely land or not. Because of this, Transports tend to be replaced by Fast Transports when possible.

Fast Transports: The most common type of transport to to be used. When used with Lightships or Biremes, they will travel at the escort speed. Sent alone, they will move faster than the normal Transports. However, the tradeoff is they carry less troops per pop space the fast transport takes up.

Colony Ship: These are used to conquer cities or put them into revolt. They are slow, which makes it obvious what is in the attack if your target is online. So bear this in mind when trying to take a city.

City Specialization

First City: This city cannot really be specialized. You will need to have a bit of everything to defend yourself, your alliance, attack others, and take your first city.

Light Ship: As the name suggests, this is pure light ships. You can demolish buildings that are not useful here, such as the wall and barracks, to allow yourself more room for ships.

Bireme: Just like the light ship city, except with Biremes.

Land Nuke: These should consist of your offensive land troops, transports/fast transports, and a light ship escort. A decent escort is about 35 light ships or so. As for land troop composition. An even build with equal parts of each troops in population tends to work well. However slinger nukes are great for quickly building nukes.

Defense “Nuke”: These should consist of transports/fast transports and your defensive troops.

The following wiki pages are also worth reading
The Battle System
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Starting your first city on your road to greatness can be confusing. Since the buildings all have to be built eventually, it may bring you to wonder "which ones first"
Just remember, this is only one way to play, as you learn, you will develop strategies of your own.


If you are able, using premium is definitely encouraged. If you wish to use premium, the priorities for the advisors is as follows: Administrator > Captain > Merchant > Commander > High Priestess. Please view the Premium section of the wiki for more information

When you first log in, there will a a tutorial to do. Make sure you complete the first part, as it will give you resources to start off with and 6 Swordsmen to begin farming with. Immediately queue the Timber camp to level 1, followed by the Silver mine to 1.

Now complete the second part of the tutorial to gain the second set of resources.. It is highly recommended to read the farming section of the wiki before continuing this guide. Farming is extremely important and you will far outproduce your resource production buildings through farming.

Now that you have started farming, your next goal is to build a barracks. Here you build troops to be used to conquer farming villages and attack other players after BP (beginner's protection) ends for both you and your target. To build a barracks, you must have:
Silver Mine Level 1
Senate Level 2
Farm Level 3
Timber camp Level 4

After the prerequisite levels are finished, build your barracks. You should then focus on getting 10 swordsmen to get your third farming village. During this time, you will have an excess of stone. Use this to work on expanding one of your farming villages.

After you get your third farming village. Get your wood and stone mines to level 7 or 8. Silver doesn't tend to be needed as much in these earlier stages, so you can leave it at 5 or so. Your next milestone is to make getting an academy your priority. The academy is where you are able to research various technologies, from different units, to different bonuses and abilities. The prerequisites are as follows:
Senate Level 8
Farm Level 6
Barracks Level 5

Once the academy has been completed, you should now research slingers. Your next priority will be to build 30 Slingers to conquer your next farm. At the same time you should be working on your mines. Get the Timber camp to 15, Silver mine to 10. and Quarry to 12. Remember, try to keep your building queue and your troop queue continuously going. Once the mines are at the above levels, build the harbor. Now you can build transports which will allow you to attack and support others on different islands.

Next, build the academy to level 4 and research Hoplites. Hoplites are strong against swordsmen, and there are 60 swords you need to kill to get your fifth farm. Build enough to fill the population cap then conquer the farm. You should be acquainted enough with the farming system to need no further explanation. You will also want to research archers and Diplomacy.

At this point, it is highly recommended to build up to a market up to level 5. This requires Cave level 5 and Warehouse level 6.

Before you go any further, you should build a temple. By this point you should already have the prerequisites for the Wall. Now, build the wall to level 6, then build the Temple to level one. With a temple, you can have your city worship one of five gods. It is recommended you pick Hera has your god because you can cast Happiness on your city. Happiness increases your resource production by 50 percent for 12 hours divided by world speed, which will help immensely in the next steps.

Next, build the academy to level 7. Research only booty. Ceramics can be researched later on.

Next build to academy level 10. Research Horsemen. These are good against archers, use them to conquer farm number six. The other researches in this section are useless.

Next build to academy level 13. Research Biremes. These are the main defense unit. You build them in the harbor. Just having a few of these is good because they will kill all unescorted transports (will be covered later on). Begin building Biremes in between buildings to get a decent defensive force.

Next build to academy level 16. Research Light Ships. These are an important part of attacking. Without clearing Biremes from an enemy harbor, any transports will be easily sunk, along with the troops in the transports.

If you do not have all of your mines to level 20, build them to that point now.

Now is where the longest part of getting to conquest is. You will need:
Academy Level 28
Harbour Level 20
Warehouse Level 19 (16 if you research Ceramics)

Also, you should research the following when they are available:
Colony Ship (research after all other requirements filled)
Light Transport Ships
Conquest/Revolt (research after all other requirements filled)

And lastly, build a Colony ship. Now, fill your city with troops with a maxed farm. Only after all of this, you will be ready to conquer your first city.

Do not colonize. It may be tempting to get a second city earlier than others, but you will have to build it up from scratch. The resources are better used taking a city already built up

To fulfill these requirements, simply continue farming the farming villages and the player villages around you. Keep building, and you'll be ready to conquer your second city in no time. And don't forget to build troops. Remember, points don't win wars, troops do.

First City Conquer
So you're now conquer/revolt capable. You have your CS ready. You have your Lightships, Biremes, offensive land, and defensive land ready. Now is when you conquer your first city. Look around you, optimally, you do not want to conquer on your currently island. Once you have found a city, you need to work out your attack timings. You can either work it out on paper, or if you have premium, use the attack planner. Here is an example of the order your troops should land. Hopefully your timings will be closer than this. You should also ask your alliance for help in taking your first city.
Lightships – 00:00
Land Offense – 00:01
CS – 00:02
All support troops – 00:03 (If Conquest world)
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Special thanks to chrss2128 who created this at my request. This is a very good guide to getting a new player started. It is by no means meant to be completely comprehensive, but will give you what you need to know to get a good start on the world. Thanks chrss2218!!!


I'm glad i had the general idea on how to progress in the startup phase. This guide seriously helps when you have no clue what you're doing! :)


At some point I'll probably write a more advanced guide as well. One that covers more of the tactics used after you have a few cities. I've been meaning to but never got around to it.


the title for this is just sooo rude chrss :p lol

but all in all its a very good guide for the njubbies :D


Types of Worlds

Revolt: Revolt worlds are a bit simpler. The first step is to launch a revolt attack (which must contain a CS) at another city. If it hits and lives, a revolt timer will be added to the city.
I have played on a revolt world and this is incorrect you do not need to send a CS with the revolt attack


Transports: These are the basic naval unit you can use just after building the harbor. They carry your troops to attack or defend cities on other islands. They are quite slow however, only the Colony ship is faster. Therefore, it is easier for your target to figure out if an attack is purely land or not. Because of this, Transports tend to be replaced by Fast Transports when possible.

I'm pretty sure the TS is faster than the CS.
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dangit. I'll fix both of those oversights >.<

EDIT: Fixed. Thats what I get for finishing it at 3AM


Thanks, I feel like this has helped and will help as I explore this game ;)

And are you chris2218 from or is the name similarity a coincidence? haha


Just a fluke coincidence, I thought the same thing though, lol.


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Well like I said, thanks for the guide... Helped me to figure out what to do right off the bat... working on those 10 swords already ;)


nice one for the dummies :D
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