Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim


Look at the "Eubea Times' thread if you want pages of irrelevant garbage.

The sadder thing is this early in the world we can only manage a top 3.


Been awhile... I think I'll change it up this time. With so many internals all across the server...

1. Eubea: Float. Down to less than 350 players with more than 1 city.


SPQR - Sunk
Venom - Sunk
Gamblers - Swam to a 7 wonder sweet over the group that occupied every other ocean in the world

Wow how bad do you have to be to have every ocean dominated except 44 and 43 and still get run over like a freight train in world wonder stage losing every... single .... wonder race.

It appears that the leadership was fully unprepared for the stage which is simply sad for the players that did their best and followed orders. HelpMeMommy, MarkAsp, Cragar, Mutthakila and others simply let down by CGAG, Orion (wow why would anyone follow this guy) and Blackdem who appears to have founders rights as well.

There is some good news on the horizon though. Myself and most of our team is taking a break from Grep so you guys can keep working on your game a bit. When we come back we hope that you will be more prepared and a better adversary.