Diplomatic Curtacy


agreed. I too dislike diplomacy. Much more fun to have some laughs. Talking to people outside your team is a good way to achieve this, and make new friends (or enemies), just my 2 cents


Hey Paul! there's my buddy. I've only been trolling these forums for the past few months. Never posted, as, other than you and amarishah (i hope I spelled it right), this forum seemed filled with out-dated comments from guys who got rimmed or quit 5 mins into the game. Not interesting.

Glad we got some current events to discuss. I am big on discussion, and etc.


I truly never trust NAPs. I barely trust pacts. in four years, I can count on two hands the amount of trust worthy and reliable ally alliances I have had in Grepo. Seems like there's a lot of back stabbing, especially when the crown is involved.
This is part of why I don't like pacts. The other reason is there really is no equally beneficial pacts. In my time playing grepo I can't remember a single mutually beneficial pact from an alliance I have been part of. Usaully one side is benefitting more than the other, if that is the case I see no reason to prop another alliance up. Like you said with NAP, they usaully are broken as most alliances just use them to buy time because they are scared.


I'm big on killing alliances ;)

agreed. :D I am still trying to find something Paul says that I can disagree with lol even when he tells me "you are a goddamn mess, have you learned your lesson yet? you will be dead in 5 years LMAO"

still I must say...



^ Oh look, now who could this be about?..

There are so many things wrong with this attempt to twist Ben's words that I can't even begin to name them all. Oh who am I kidding, Ben and Jason would think that I had taken ill if I didn't.

1) You DO know that Amirashah and I are friends right? I think we covered that. Probably one of a few people that I would give a pact/NAP to in good faith.

2) Jason, Ben, and I all know each other and are friends. So I am pretty sure that this is said in passing and response to something that I said about bloody NAPs and not a secret point being made about MS.

You're just digging yourself deeper and deeper now...

Oh yeah, Ben, I can count my mutually beneficial pacts on one hand most came from En Omicron or Delos. Any others either one party benefited or the others did.
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If you want to go down that path pacts: because you aren't good enough to win your wars by your self ;)

Who could that be about? :p

Good point Dan

P.S. yes, early on the NAP was because we would not have been able to beet Elysium, now it is because we have grown friendships between the alliances and a war between us would just drag us both down. It honestly would not make sense.
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First of all, it was a joke.

Secondly, I'd like to think me and Jason are friends, yet Jason is the cause of our war. Because of his selfishness in taking in enemies. In which I thought we had an implied NAP due to our friendship as why would I need an official one when they're supposed to just be in the East and for Ely to take care of? But I see that when you were in charge Smilo, you sought to NAP. Which if the real reason is our of a friendship, then that's why MS and Ely won't win this world in their current state. Because you've now hindered Ely's growth. For what? "To focus on the north"?? Please. You and everyone else claims how powerful Ely is. If it was as great and powerful as you claim it to be, then "to focus on the north" wouldn't be a reason. Because how is it that I'm able to fight on 3 of 4 fronts and practically win them all. And Ely has been fighting on two and their wars have lasted longer than mine. And mine are practically done as well?


Paul, if you can't even beat your enemies, then others will take them in. There is no evidence to indicate that TVM was doing more than piecemeal work on SA. They literally could have lasted forever at the rate you were going, trust me, I was watching. You did nice for a supporting cast alliance, only you're the #2 alliance in the world and all of your top players were right next door.

I never tried to NAP you, Dalec did. Tbh, I was absolutely livid that he made a pact with anyone in BP. Aren't you pacted to Cannabis Nation and have only really grown via a merger?

Which fronts are you winning? TVM hasn't decisively won a real battle without Elysium holding its hand, much less a war. It couldn't even touch an few isolated SA players in its own back yard. I organized a op on Sun and Co and Elysium did it just fine, the TVM players sure did struggle though. You haven't won a war until the following happens.

1) Rim the founder and leaders/ force them into inactivity.

2) Force most the alliance into VM/inactivity

3) Force alliance to surrender/disband due to decisive victory.

The occasional take just doesn't do this, sorry. Have you ever considered that Elysium's opponents might be tougher than yours? Dalphina was a good player and smart leader, she was actually one of my go to people for northern operations and tended not to fail. Elysium beat them into disbandment I believe. Illuminati has a few of Elysium's studs around it, but overall nothing I would be concerned with as Illu's leader. The war could go on forever with morale working in their favor in many battles. Plus Illuminati has proven to actually be a decent alliance by the looks of it. They haven't taken many Elysium towns but they have taken some 7 to be exact. Elysium has taken 43 towns. I think that's more credit to Illuminati being stubborn than Elysium being bad. I'm not sure who you're fighting, but I would guess that the only one outside of MS would be THC. They also look like they won't break because of a little pressure.

But lets consult history, hey Jason, remember when TU fought Alpha and everyone claimed the war would be over shortly? How long did the war last? What was the score? Would anyone really argue that TU was a bad alliance or was it just credit to Alpha's desire to remain an alliance for how long it lasted?


Guys please stop fighting !
Let me enjoy my rest !
Elysium, Paul may not be the best alliance, BUT IT S THE MOST UNITED ALLIANCE, THAT S FOR SURE !
And for me, my friends are the important ones.
I will respect my alliaes to. I gave a word and i ll Keep it.
We have a pact with TM and a strong NAP with MS.
Thats how will be as long as i ll be in game and none of them will want to start a war.
That is my character. I dont want nr 1 on Overall Points. I want nr 1 on WW and much fun for me and my friends.
If Paul considers we arent so strong it s his opinion and we will respect it.
But, Paul, we will not break our NAP to help u with MS and either way.
If u are upset about Ely taking a Player in your area talk to Ely current leaders and i m sure they will do the right Thing.
And pretty sure they will give up towns outside Ely area.

Elysium it s a Family, it s not a debate subject. Please respect them and me, at least that we deserve.
I want Elysium to remain the same united alliance, not to be the BEAST of the world. If beeing such an united Group
will bring them to be best it s a Bonus. :D



First of all, I am really happy o see you back here LG!

The Alpha war lasted for over a year I think we held from the 4th month of the server until the 2.0 update and WWs. An alliance with a few studs in it can hold on for a redicously long time with a little grit and cheeky sniping.