Desperately Seeking . . .

This thread was about one thing and one thing only - Meg the Beagle’s jerk-off post - until you and your teammates wanted to turn it into something different. Don’t put that on me. Also, don’t set up the straw man and falsely reframe this exchange as me “wanting to blame GC entirely for [my] demise.” I’m not even 100% sure what that’s supposed to mean, but to the extent you’re suggesting that I’m claiming that GC’s objectionable methods and manners are entirely responsible for the world dying… no. I am not saying that and never said that. Obviously there were multiple factors and TD/IE leadership was one of them.

Meg TheBeagle

I'm sorry if you felt my original post was "Jerk-off". It was intended to prod some players who were active and competitive but in VM to return to play. I didn't direct it at you, Mega, but if the shoe fits, so be it.
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