Definition of MRA


For those people unable to find out the true definition of an MRA, i have linked the page here

Yes this is from grepo wiki, and the definition states: MRA - Mass Recruiting Alliance, an alliance that invites lots of players irrespective of their experience or points.

Now that this has been established those that improperly used this term can now apologize to me. :eek:

*cough* orion, Jlo *cough*


PS this how you really stir the pot Jlo!!!!


lmao... I know Trav, was also joking.

... and for the record, you helped with half the alliance buddy... the rotten trash talking, forum trolling and pirating half... i.e. the good half
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Stoned Silly

Does someone have a MRA I can join? I just like to sim anyway, and leave the real gaming to the professionals! :D
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You have to build the wonders to win... and that hasnt happened yet. Lots of game time left. You always seem to be a bit premature Orion... you might want to get that looked at.
Premature would be that support you sent on that CS attempt on me yesterday. "Which is still in my city :eek:"