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I would like to rename the world to Davidos... It would be the greatest tribute to me, the true king.

Also many of you have made the mistake of not addressing me by my true name. Let me make this clear, if you do not bend the knee you will be eaten by my titans. It is your choice. Bend the knee or get eaten and be made an example of.

We have no patience and will not stop until this world is dominated by one team and one king. Enjoy your last few weeks. Consider this a word of warning. Bend the knee.

King Davinar






Ahhh, this explains Dav's hugathon's he loves to do. Gotta have everyone like him and do his bidding (not attack him)! But I guess this is why he VM checkout's or ghosts or runs crying to the team that beats him up every time he gets put down like the mediocre player he is..... Poor guy. Just another wannabe, I've seen Dav bleed too many times to count. In fact, seen EVERYONE posting here, bleed. And yes, including you Clinty-poo. I'm glad you came back though. Missed making you ghost ;)

And before everyone gets mad, I've got two recent examples to Dav being just a puny little boy: Imbros & Lato

Imb - team runs to VM checkout and ghosts at the first sign of a OP from a real team
Lato - runs to Clint's team because that team was a real team and did 1 OP on them too.

Guess we should call him the one hit wonder since he always runs away after 1 OP against him & his team lol. Poor guy. Keep playing little one, one day you'll be good. Maybe. But I've seen him run away on pretty much every world so...


I have the pleasure of playing with many people who havent had the pleasure with playing with you on the same team. I will let Hixr, Chrict and Acez speak for themselves since they played with both of us. Maybe they will make an appearance here and put your irrelevant statements to bed...

I never pursue diplomacy and huggathons but you know much about them. I lead successful teams and you lead disasters...

Since you got my resume wrong I think I need to do everyone here justice by explaining your oh so deep and impressive resume.

1) Imbros: Irrelevant. I even asked if you ever needed help sniping since you were getting CQ'd left and right.
2) Lato: You reach out to me numerous times about NAPs and hugging and I reject and tell you to bug off... Pm's are still there if you want me to go further in to how pathetic you are. You then mind your business and take a horrendous group of players. Chrict comes back to a disaster you left him and you creep to the backline with and VM falls apart as they join my team, the winning team.
3) Davidos: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Theres a reason the people cheer my name and call me king. Theres a reason why people call you other names - usually bad ones... The worst of them being simply just Sigurd.


Ok so if i can throw my opinion here. Truthfully I respect you both. Sig I wish I could have played with you in your hay day. I know you got that job position and forced you to move to the backline in lato which is a bummer but stoked on your new job position.

Anyways playing on both sides I will say that Dav. has run things way more organized. Yes he has large players like Clint and Lesfix to help Dav out and I can't speak on behalf of them but the reason why they do it is that they respect him and his leadership as do I. Playing for Vacation Mode it was a lot of waiting. waiting for the nap with TE or waiting for TE to fall apart or waiting to get organized. Dav is short sweet and to the point. He says it and we all follow. Its 100% more effective that way than having 10 people as leaders and only 2 of them really doing anything vital for the world.

Second, there is this old school vs new school grepo player thing going on. Sig you keep bringing up the time you made clint ghost or all these other times you showed up in the past. I think its best to move out of the past and look to the present and the future with your grepo career. Lato you recruited and MRA and then heard you dropped in EN just to get eaten. While Dav. is pretty set on winning Lato as well as taking a strong lead in this world Mes. His track record speaks since I joined up grepo. I know this sounds mean and I am sorry man but sig you gotta stop living in the past. All you do now is get on these forums and bash both Titan and Dav. who are winning worlds spouting off about how you IN THE PAST use to stomp on them.

I want to see it.