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Just a suggestion moving forward let’s ignore any hate posts. If you don’t respond people will get bored and lacking attention will move on. KTHXBYE


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Lol. Seems if sparrow belle stops talking in a thread it dies! but if she does talk its full of haters. lose-lose. Think if they succeed and chase her off these forums will be like the others I've been in which are real quiet, Hung around in US because this was the liveliest forum I've seen, but now see it's mainly due to belle and not due to US been an active forum. Was hoping this one was different with good grepo topics and discussions etc,,, People just don't want to get involved in external topics or chats anymore. But judging by the views enjoy the hate, sad really.

Dux Vox

You have to read from the bottom up.

Taken from a message exchange in game:
Author said:
Island 55580 Support

astastic today at 23:43

Most fun I've ever had losing a city.

Dux Vox today at 23:39
Your support ticket has been closed.
If you would like to complete a survey please visit us at:

Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance via the espionage menu in game.

astastic today at 23:35
Nicely taken sir

astastic today at 07:53
This is usually where I would send something back at you to let know that I don't really sleep much, but to be honest you all are smashing this server and I've not built much of anything but biremes.

Great city build! wasn't expecting the favor looting already. You put together that city quick!

Dux Vox on 2023-04-14 at 21:57
Excellent, you have been added to the queue. Your request will be processed in the order it was received.

astastic on 2023-04-14 at 21:53
No sir we do not learn that quickly over here and may require some trash removal to resolve this issue

Dux Vox on 2023-04-14 at 21:46
Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We need the facilities to accommodate our extensive and highly trained staff. Does this mean that your issue is resolved and we can cancel your support request?

astastic on 2023-04-14 at 21:36

Good stuff sir.

Nice build coming out of BP that size!

Dux Vox on 2023-04-14 at 21:18
Hello, and thank you for contacting Island 55580 customer support with your support ticket. We will send a trash removal team to your polis post haste.

Disclaimer: Some citizens of your polis may object to the removal of their possesions and loved ones. Revolt may ensue.

If you submitted this request in error please notify customer support and cancel your support ticket.

Ticket Reciept:

(2023-04-14 21:06:05) Spy from Chitgasmic (astastic) discovered in the city 01.Baal
Spy: Chitgasmic astastic The New Alliance
Spied: 01.Baal Dux Vox T.B.D.
The espionage was unsuccessful.

Silver coins used:


You have to read from the bottom up.

Taken from a message exchange in game:

is best posting i is read here do more