Casual world?


I have no problem with the 20%. I think it's the only positive change I've seen in a decade. It forces the use of a little strategy in this strategy game. Granted it can be frustrating at times, but in each world you make adjustments according to circumstances and rules. I don't see the issue.
One thing I have noticed in the last week is that new or rimmed players are popping new cities, protected cities on ROCK islands with NO farms. WHAT IN THE WORLD GREP???? This whole world should be shelved and rethought. I think they applied automotive drug test standards to the ones that built this one.

Mountain Mike

Every time I try to attack a city, the game won't let me and it tells me, "the player you're attacking is too strong or too weak". So how can I know who to attack??

Is that what a "casual world" is? If so, I don't like it. When you pick a world to join can you find out before you join if it's a casual world? I want to make sure that the next world I join isn't. This is more like Sim City than Grrepolis.
You have to be within 20% total point range of the player you attack. It tells you in the opening screen before you join the type of world or you can look in the forums. They also tell the types of worlds, whether they are revolt or conquest, the speed, wonders or domination, etc... And yes the 20% to attack is part of the casual world. You can't be attacked my some huge player with 100 cities when you are only the one city, but the same rule goes both ways.