Bush League World


well, ya can't say I didn't try to reach out to any of my old friends in other worlds with a shout out thread here, so they'd quickly understand and get it, and get me, even if the anonymous crowd of just anybodys and normal nobodys and winking wannabes is making all the usual confused funny dog faces in the dark. any of my deeply disturbed friends, and new wannabe weirdos in this whack world, seem smart enough to stay in their own personal hells..... doncha, ya hosers.you can come out now. I've gone.

most of my posts got partially, and then completely doctored, only a couple vids at first,.....Welcome Back Kotter met Young Frankenstein's knockers with Eyegore in a beautiful but only brief reunion representing two very platonic but cheeky, really old friends. awww you missed it. I'll miss you here Anita Beer, but will see you, you know where, once again with my Animal House spanking vid.

so I removed the remainder of my posts as the forum made no sense to me, partially deleted, or otherwise, anymore. best of luck with it yourselves. sincerely. and sorry too, with an extra helping of sweet Canadian sorry sauce once again eh.

seeing as I am unable to remove my account name from this thread, and this world, and this silly game....and my little piggy piglet icon is pictured directly above the title of "newcomer" ha ha, (more like old goer) perhaps you will allow me one last chance to say hello and goodbye to any old friends who know me better than my enemies and other old farts heckling from the balcony here?

my son gave me permission to post this vid btw. he did it back in high school and it got him an immediate contract with Machinima, and an obvious big foot in the door and obvious permission from Nintendo too, as you'll plainly see. now..... he and his high school Roboboot buddy Jason are working their way up the gaming industry's donkey kong-like ladder like speed gamers and will be able to retire faster, and better, than I did 4 years ago. proud parent bragging, is that sooo wroooonnngg?

all this is embedded in a double spoiler, so it won't, and can't, lag anything, you could fix the forum media feature here, by simply embedding it in a spoiler bbcode and avoid problems like this in the future btw. unless, of course you prefer the usal boring old ways of just typing, "I told you so", when you actually didn't, or new wys u kds heart txt tlkng lolz, when it comes to resolving easy problems.

and lastly.....(stop that, whoever is making those ironic puking noises).....if you really wanna know why I was making such a big commotion.....yes, it was mostly cheap and disgusting self-promotion......of course, but how else am I supposed to get in touch with old grep friends and let them know what I'm doing these days?

Pigafetta...... coming to a little Indie theater near you.....hopefully sometime between 2019-2022 for the 500 anniversary. I'm allowed to say my kid is friendly and keeps in regular contact with our little local Cloverfield director but you really missed the irony of deleting JJ Abrams's keyboard solo in my very last video with all those slo-mo explosions. we had permission for that vid too, in a roundabout way you bad robot you. but, I'm not bragging about myself....yet.....mom had more than 20 movies to her credit. bad movies but big names in those old credits. I don't mind if my drunk friend here leaks that imdb page to the rumour mill.

ahh, what the heck.....I'll add it myself so people can see for themselves how I actually met Captain Kirk in 1973. name drop. mic drop. pants drop. he was already an old fart back then, like I am now, but Helen Hunt, what a f-ing cutie, and the same age as me, but still a hotty now. wolf whistle. awooooga. I'm still Mad about Her. she's As Good As It Gets just like my good friend Anita Beer here. is that enough of a Twister? wouldn't you love to see her in another movie again someday? if you ever get a chance to meet Helen yourself, please do me a personal favour, and ask her nicely not to be such a stupid Hunt. guaranteed to get one of her classic smirky smiles. what were we talking about again? I need a diaper change. are you my nurse? my call button isn't working now.

I think the kids these days call stuff like this an easter egg or something don't they? nope. Alex just corrected me. apparently these are called an ARG. shows how old I am.

mucho amore amigos............ (or to translate that into "English", so I don't break a forum rule....."I fart in your general direction. your mother was a .........")

J-J-Juan de Fuca
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Sounds like the rantings of a bush league player that can't handle speed 1 worlds. Thank you for not playing, I'm sure there are many that are glad you're not wasting your time.


Never understood why the "elite" get all bent out of shape about MRAs. The thought process between dying worlds and not teaching new players how to play may be somehow intertwined. I've seen players turned down for not having experience and then a few minutes later complaints about not enough players. Then again who needs rationality when you have gold.

Back to my bush league alliance, someone needs to crack the whip! Onward to Hades NOOBS!


i have run an MRnewbie alliance in the past in en server. Contract Killers where their name. some of those newbies, those who ended the game or at least went far in the server, ended up fighting for the crown (for me crowns dontmean anything) but most important they became very good fighters, killers as its supposed to be.

those newbies had

2 fighters over their heads anytime of day and night guiding them and fighting with them side by side
organization to the max
selected with good positioning to cluster in one ocean
tight group of fighters (judging by alliance limit, less than half of max)
a group of 2 exp fighters that leaded stuff
diplomacy that had them arranged from early game to end the game as winners (not talkin bout crown lolz)
and most important, they had the will and struggled hard to learn how the game is played , fighting from day 1. being active and kick ar$$

u wanna know the alliance limit?? 250. u wanna know the world speed and unit speed ?? 1/1

These my friend u wont find easily, if not at all. in mra's u ll just find
leaders that just want their name written that way. no will, no passion and most of times, they are unskilled and unorganized.
diplomacy that sucks, with just braggs and fat speeches "we will gonna rule the world etc"
leaders that will jump ship, just so they dont get rimmed
leaders who will dissolve the alliance because of getting their city taken
and newbies who just dont have the passion to become good fighters and work for the team most of all

i have seen mra's that have kicked a$$ in one other world too. their leaders could fight a whole alliance on their own, had exceptional skil at organizing, needed to teach and had members/newbies that u will see now in en servers exploding alliances.

soz for long text. just needed to post these things
Yes you are 100% right there are not that many people willing to teach. I myself have no issues helping those less experienced than me learn to play better. Someone took the time to teach me when I started. I like to return the favor to others when I can
Look here is the thing everyone starts out being a NOOB, even the good ones. I have taught many many great players that most in the grep world know and fear. Clan1 is right if you have a good system in place you can teach said noobs to be a force later in the server.

Are there MRAs here most definitely but every server has Mass Recruiting Problems..

I have played on all sorts of Conquest worlds, speeds this is my first Speed 1 but will make it work. So if you want to continue to post about MRAs that's fine but please join here so my guys and me can whoop you (even the golders) Please join.


yeah i agree Al.

everyone were noobs at first. but in most cases noobs that become good fighters, were in an ok alliance. 99% cases not an mra. plus i dont count all alliances except for premades, being mra's. should an alliance do its recruiting selectively, they can pick up noobs that got what it takes to learn and become fighters.

thats all.


lolz. dont blame Dux or Sun. they are in a different alliance. they play their game. its totally ok. for me they are clever players.
If u dont talk straight and try to scheme and too much blah blah blah, this is what happens. clever peeps , that are mentally ok, win always. u were into joinin KILL for a while now. i had noticed and i posted in the forum, (u should know that i have also something to do with acting hehe, not a comedian.. more of Ancient Greek Tragedy acts. im happy that the language barrier doesnt make it obvious lolz), that if anybody wants to fight for another alliance and not HoH, it would be better to talk now. U twisted your own words once again and said "no , of course not". U think yourself as a totally superior personality. its called υβρις. known to humans for centuries.
it seems like Dux doesnt want u in KILL now, does he? so u are not as worthy player as u thought. not a worthy persona too. u are funny i admit, with some good principles, but those principles just dissapear when u twist your own words. so basically , u are not a stable personality that peeps would like to team up with. it may take people a while to figure it out, cause u talk too much, but at the end, i bet everybody does. i have reached some peeps i know , that played in the servers u mentioned u have played in and guess what. same opinion lolz.
U are right though. in total, there are few worthy players in this server.most of peeps, are just gold users with no fighting skills. also few good personalities id like to team up with(from those ive had the chance talkin too) . hokie and antaren are amongst those few ones.
U are not any different from the mass bush league in here. personality that twists things and words etc., even your own lolz. plus no experience from conquest worlds. look at your positioning lolz. everybody could take u out easily. conquest world is sudden kill Pig. much more cruel than revolt. needs lot of practice, both fighting and talkin.
those that take a world seriously and want results, dont play like u do m8. for u, its just yourself and your ego. how did u help HoH clustering? how did u help HoH with all your talkin and stuff?

as far as myself.. not the best , not the worst. i talk straight. and respect people that win respect. i dont feed from playin grepo or any other mmo. thats why i got no probs to ghost if i dont like it. i met some peeps here that i would like to team up with in another server. premade alliance. enjoy the game as it supposed to be played.

thank you.

c ya around;)




Pretty sure he knows that song is about him, as you did mention him by name... just sayin...
Any world is what you make of it no matter the speed, this is such a redundant thread i mean if you do not like this world play elsewhere...
LOL well that is bc you are in FLUFF and Stuff Pburroughs.... I just comment on what i see and others are afraid to say at times, like how pathetic it is for the top 3 alliances to pact. I mean really but this day in age everyone wants a coalition no one wants to go at it alone, Its pure laziness plain and simple. It is another reason why INNO needs to find a different type of end game one that encourages one alliance to win..


LOL well that is bc you are in FLUFF and Stuff Pburroughs.... I just comment on what i see and others are afraid to say at times, like how pathetic it is for the top 3 alliances to pact. I mean really but this day in age everyone wants a coalition no one wants to go at it alone, Its pure laziness plain and simple. It is another reason why INNO needs to find a different type of end game one that encourages one alliance to win..
I totally agree Al, I wish alliances would fight one another one on one until they move on to the next target and then sooner or later you have two big dogs trying to duke it out. Only one can dream...


LOL well that is bc you are in FLUFF and Stuff Pburroughs.... I just comment on what i see and others are afraid to say at times, like how pathetic it is for the top 3 alliances to pact. I mean really but this day in age everyone wants a coalition no one wants to go at it alone, Its pure laziness plain and simple. It is another reason why INNO needs to find a different type of end game one that encourages one alliance to win..

First of all it didnt start that way the top alliance merged with i believe at the time number 5 alliance and formed a pact with 2 other alliances. It was only logical that agreements were made or face 3-4 alliances by ones self it isnt our fault eviction notice put all this into motion but we most definately have been and are whipping their butts at their own game


Yeah, you have to to look at the time the pact was formed, the merge to make Fight Club had just taken place, and FC immediately allied with alliances other than us, so we decided to work together. And now that we are wiping the floor with the whole lot of 'em and we are the top 3 alliances everyone starts complaining. Smh

princess oree

at the start is was F&S vs. everyone, since Eviction Notice wanted to tell us what to do and where to go... that didn't go over well... so they get everyone they can to pact or nap with them, then they up and merged with the pound and continued with their 6 (or whatever) alliance coalition... everything was peachy for them until F&S, Kill and Wicked got together against their coalition... sooooo I assume its ok for everyone else to have pacts, just as long as its not the top 3 alliances with each other? Which btw, when this "coalition" was formed was not the case. Fight Club was still listed as #1... Wicked was #2, Kill was #3 and F&S was #4... Pretty sure we haven't tried to dictate to anyone who can and can't be friends in this server... if some of these alliances spent as much time minding their alliance vs. complaining about what we do, might make it more fun.
Getting tired of the moaning about this stuff... top 3 blah blah blah... so much gold abuse... waaa waaa waaaa...


If you got skills you dont need gold. And pretty much all the people here complaining are people who got their butts whipped already and make excuses. All i here is wah

Dux Vox

actually at the time we started discussing our pacts Kill was ranked 5th or 6th and still at around 50 members.
Warborn one can dream right.... Everyone is saying excuses about how they got in a coalition, nobody wants to fight for it everyone wants easy.. As for golders we all know who does it so its not a earth shattering discovery LOL..

Like i said earlier as long as Inno has this current ending it will not change...