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Glad you are ranked as the #314 fighter and foos at #117.. Dont know what your contributions were but I am sure there were somewhere just above minimal.

I will concede I was nowhere near where I wanted to be in the rankings. I only had time to play in one world, so with the permission of the founder, I simmed in that world while I played Upsilon, and often built cities up to hand off to other more active players, because it's all I had time for. As a single father with sole custody of his young child, employed full time, and preparing to start law school, I simply don't have the time to put into this game that others do. Only after wonders in Upsilon did I start really playing this world, at which time I started posting between 15-40k BP weekly until wonders, at which time I was extremely active demanding and sending resources and building and casting favor. I was definitely one of the more active players in the end game, and though I was only a small piece of the puzzle, I definitely helped as much as most others did.

However the best part of all this is that in Olympia your alliance just lost all wonders the way we lost them in upsilon.. but only 1 month after the crown was won.. maybe even less.

I will also concede this point. It was very unexpected. One of the leaders who had multiple cities on every wonder island got upset about some internal drama and ghosted without bothering to hand off his wonder island cities, leaving 5-7 ghosts on each wonder island and lowering them all to level 9. We have insufficient people who are active with that many slots to grab them all quickly, so the enemy only had to finish out their resources and click build. The crowns are there for them to have thanks to a leader who didn't do his job and bailed. The enemy doesn't deserve the crowns so much as we deserve to have ours all tarnished by letting them have them.

The same thing I said about the crowns in this world applies there as well. They will get their crowns and ours will become meaningless. The difference is that in Olympia we were sabotaged by someone we trusted to help us hold on to our wonders. In this world, though a few cities we grabbed were ghosts, we actually had to fight and take some cities that were actively being defended. Really not the same thing. Just my point of view.......


Wrastar I get everything you were saying.. and olympia was more sudden, but I my opinion thats worse. Its hard to expect people to stick around to hold wonders.. in Upsilon you guys actually only knocked down our last wonder island by taking a city from someone in our alliance. And that being said it was from someone who was not active, and just hadnt ghosted because of the maount of gold in his account. We lost the first 6 wonders because players ghosted. I mean it had been 6 months basically since the world was won. That never happens. You cant really expect the top players to stay around and active like that world is a priority.

In olympia the world was over for about 10 days when a player ghosted. You are right to feel betrayed because that speaks volumes of the player to do that. I dont know the situation, only the result, so I wont speculate. In my mind the fact that you guys needed to keep upsilon open speaks for Trinity's persistency, but it is also respectable in my mind that we help wonders for 6 months. I mean the last wonder fell because it came down to 2-3 players (squid and mikeg) defending an inactive city where we could get updates against the majority of your alliance. You tried to take squid's city too, but failed at that which is funny in my opinion too.

All in all it is done, and I really think because multiple alliances can win the crown it really is becoming more and more meaningless. I find myself looking to see if players who have crowns also have the victor award. That means more in my eyes. Not taking away from you guys because keeping a world open 6 months after its won is not only horrific, but also a difficult feat to acheieve. Stinks about Olympia because it looks like another group will get a crown (although many there deserve it), and I will have another account I wont use again get one as well lol.


Wow are you kidding me? This world still hasn't been shut down? Ridiculous