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The Borg is also losing due to a lack of leadership. They just dropped 10 ranks. If i had to guess they will be down to like 15 small players in the next week and completely gone soon.
Probably Sovereign Society, since Gengar ran there...

Moral of the story kids, if three of your players quit, disband your whole alliance and throw them to the wind to save your own skin.

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I hope for soverigns sake that they do not make gengar a leader because he will bring their alliance into the ground.


Right...The Rebellion beat Borg down with their zero conquests. Makes sense. You guys definitely "won the war". Good job, fellas, you're a force to be reckoned with.


We were planning 5 conquest today actually, which all would of been successfuland still will be and we did not coward to another alliance, when we were in trouble.


Like The Federation did when you guys took them in after we beat them down with 15 people against their 80+? Hypocrisy and all that. You guys had nothing to do with this merger, just sayin'. This has been in discussion for weeks. We decided on a pact rather than a merger, initially, and now seemed like a good time to consolidate forces. Pat yourself on the back, though, if that makes you feel better. I'm all for the power of positive affirmation.
I'll be honest TR, you guys were defensively in it since TBC only did anything with TSS's help by the looks of it. Once TSS joined in it truly was a different game within days of them taking it to you, you lost many towns for this stage. But you survived long term because everyone started asking us for invites and Gengar got prissy.

If I had to pick between TR and TSS. I'd say TSS will start slow due to their size and start hammering you guys to control north O54.

As for this being weeks in the making. I won't contest if that's true or not. But this looks rather forced if you ask me. That or Gengar truly lost the alliance considering that most of them applied to us today.
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TSS looks very promising to me. Dang it Borg, I was doing a top 12 update and have to redo it now because of this nonsense, damn it lol.


Hard for me to believe that this was weeks in the making when the alliance was dissolved all of a sudden, leaving most members of TBC without an alliance. Esspecially considering that it came right after some of their top players were jumping over to WH.

As for the war, it's hard to say we won when we didn't take any cities, but in our defense none of those 6 conquers by them were very impressive/difficult. I think that we are on the rise and they were on the decline. I obviously can't say what role we played in the "merge", so I won't comment on it.


Even if the conquest were on small/inactive players your leadership allowed those players to be a liability. Given it all is moot now I suppose with borg disbanded.
Conquest is a conquest, a lot of towns I've lost under my lead were inactives, probably more so than not. But it still counts. You decided to have them, you decided they were useful, you made yourself a target for doing so, you paid the price. Losing inactives sucks, its cheap, but its effective. Its an open invite to your positioning. So lets not pull the inactive card, at the end of the day, its still a city that you have to take back.

The merge I believe was planned in advanced, but forced sooner than expected. I'm sure all of the players waking up in the morning to a few surprises will thank Gengar for bailing on them.


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I knew you where one of those guys who liked the one word unique names. They always seem to be the best names to me too.


Yea 1 to 2 words if perfect. Short and to the point is how I like my alliance names lol. Although my favorite and best alliance I founded was 3 words.