Best Alliances, Worst Alliances


They won't they got duke and froley, but in all seriousness, Athens was made mostly of newer players trying out on their second or third world or first world for some. At the beginning their were only 1 maybe 2 full premades. In this world their is like 4-8, although this world isn't as stacked as Actium premade wise etc. this world still has lots of good players and alliances compared to Actium where it was a band of mostly newer players lead by 5 experienced players and TO was the only one that had several players with crowns from the get go. So don't think you will rollover like you guys did in Athens in the wake of The Empire collapsing.
Even many of the best Grepo players refuse to join speed 1 because they don't think it is competitive at all and it is too slow. Most of TFS although good solid players have never felt the core, center of the world on speed 3, were it takes about 5 hours after BP ends to have your city in revolt, (Long story short about 3-5 days after spawning as the 17th player in the world I lost my only city, before half the alliance even researched transports, and I gained nearly 300 DBP and 500 ABP within 2 hours BP ending, became the 3rd conquest in that world)


Port, I appreciate the analysis

A few things - Athens wasn't the first rodeo for many in FS- some of the core group played together in Delta previous to Athens as Sons of liberty which merged with Fallen Angels in Athens = FS. Given its the same speed is to an advantage. Don't be fooled by the speed. It allows for more planning and discipline to complete such a world especially if you have ADD. It was one of my favorite alliances I have ever been a part of.

When I left Ithaca, Athens, Knosses etc as I cut back on grepo last summer to focus and finish omega I realized what a good group it was. Its more than one or two killers but a band of brothers. Don't ever count out the fallen sons..
Its a well run machine with many competent leaders. (totally biased)

PS congrats on obtaining the Victim award - **it happens to the best of us.


I am not discounting the rest of you guys as I think I played against you in Omega and you were one of the largest there, I am just saying that froley and duke are easily top 20 best players I have ever seen and I have played on close to 15 servers on US and En servers since 2010. I agree my first server was a speed 1 that started in 2010 (November or December) and finished late 2012 or early 2013. Lots of great battles were fought, and serious planning was implemented as you had time to plan, currently I am playing Calydon like a speed 3 world as I already lost my main city do to fighting of 3 alliances at once.
What is the Victim Award? thisisgrepolis their are no victims.