Best Alliances, Worst Alliances


Russ you should just pretend to support UF and then defect into SD afterwards ;)

Backstabbing is fun, no?


Yah I know the feels, it was more of homourous sarcasm. Besides then I wouldn't be able to have a good fight.


Infinite Presence seems to be just hanging in there.... im in there with my friends at this point lol

Best Alliance: Fallen Sons or TBA? we are at war with one of them(cough.....cough.....Fallen Sons). Fallen Sons seem to be dominating the rim so far. TBA is only going up.

Pretty Good alliances:
S.T.O.R.M - Great Alliance very coordinated and seem to be doing well.
Army of Dead - Pretty well grouped and grew pretty fast and on the rim.

Worse alliances:
well in the top 12 i would have to say ours however once our member get going i am sure we will be ok... but then again they have me so we are going to fall... i suck i am a simmer .... i am a noob... leave me alone
It's ok, pats head little.. it will all be over soon