Any Veterans Playing?

Fortis Signa

Folks who claim stuff like this on a open forum w/o being asked are just being braggadocious and imo it has nothing to do with skill. Any momo that can read can be just as good as the vet with 3 years experience. It comes down tactics, activity, and organization in the end.

kid cudi

well to be exact I started playing 3 years and 9 months ago ;)
but most will just rather say 4 years as the game it self is going to be 4 years old in the coming month


Started in `09 in EN Delphi,
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Purple hornet Its been four years as grepolis en.server started in 2010 I have for yours in march playing this game. Im from en.server my account is kira-akuma. I started in eplison march 10th 2010. And my best world was pi as my alliance finished first but because the no one got all 7 ww they closed it but we still were first. I play now in hero world belleophorne and is the leader of a top 5 alliance.

Other noted worlds
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