Annnd Boom Goes the Dynamite

Paul S.

Zarkoff offered the majority of the actives in AGOBAMFP invitations into TVM. AGOBAMFP never got a chance to respond before TVM split... But the general consensus was refusing the offer on grounds that Paul S. is easier and funner to fight than to work with.
^ Another instance of Zark going behind my back and doing things without telling anyone. I KNOW NONE of the leadership council knew about that.

Lairo, what TSF caused a lot of my actions (that were related to those events when I called out Ely) and my apologies were real and I was explaining why I acted the way I did. You really need to get a reality check because there's no way you can tell anyone who is sorry and who is not. Only YOU can tell if YOU are sorry or not. Don't sit there and act like you know what I was feeling, thinking, or doing.

It's amazing how when things are going well, and everyone is playing honestly, people get along with me. But the second ANY adversity comes, now it's my fault or TVM fault and I deserve to die. Also funny how everyone OUTSIDE of TVM says I am a dictator OTHER than Zark. In which, he only says that because he couldn't get his way with me because he wanted control. All he had to do was ask. But no, this whole plot is much better of an idea.

Again, please, let's drop it. Ely, Zark, and the rest in on it made their plans clear. Good job. Great to know there's more people out here who can't win with honest game-play.

It's done. So let it go.

Btw, I'm not going to try and defend my cities. There's no point. I'm not going to defend myself against you all, so have at them. I'm leaving.
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Alright, so it looks like some new things have been happening since I left. Which brings me to two announcements.

1) Apologies to MS for my abrupt departure, but Chris is a great guy and will fill my role just fine.

2) Zarkoff gets man of the year for standing up to Paul and leaving. Which brings me too...

Boom goes the dynamite! It was only a matter of time before Paul got put flat out on his rear end with that attitude. Though the ending was anti-climatic. RIP TVM.

Consider this my gift to all of Gythium.


Hey Paul, no hard feelings, but we need to remove all unaligned cities in our area so that we can fight THC. I hope you understand that we are only doing what is best for our alliance.

From the conversations I have had with Zarkoff he seems like a good down to earth grep player. I don't know what more you could ask for from a player. The moves he made may have been able to save TVM if you had just gone along with them. Oh well, looks like TVM is gone and it is a 3-way battle for dominance in the world.


Fiji Boy named a city AGOBGP. Which I assume stands for A Group of Bad Grepolis Players. I didn't know Elysium had need to taunt us.


for instance, with the MS cease fire. Me and him both agreed I'd handle it. I Pmed JMW. He responded. I responded back. Went to bed, woke up, wasn't responded to, went to work, came back, now the CF was in full and terms already made. But I was "inactive" right? No. Zark at that point went behind my back and INSTEAD of telling me he was also Pming them, Just did it, and THEN told everyone what was going on (although he got approval from the council, almost everyone who had been fighting that war before the merge was screwed).
SRY late to the convo

now since I was pulled into this

there is not a single msg that you have sent to me that I have not responded to with in 12 hours of the msg (I can prove it if you like) now with the cease fire I started to talk to you about it but you didn't read my msgs so I msged your council and everyone of them told me (including you and alliance profile) that Zark is the one handling diplomatic relations so the diplomats worked out any agreement

and once you went postal about it (a week later) you wanted so little of a change that wouldn't have mattered but to be a pain I wouldn't have a agreed

Paul S.

I didn't respond because I was at work. As I stated above. Before I went to work, there was no response from you (probably because you were sleeping). In which, I never said Zark was handling Diplo. The others and Zark himself might have but I never did.

Anyways, it's over.