an alliance with honor


Gee Childress, I wonder where those honest people are... certainly not in the alliance you are in. NM and LSB are the most dishonest players in the game. You attack and steal cities during a cease fire summit that your leaders were the ones that called for in the first place. Then your leadership spreads lies about what was said at the peace treaty to convince the general membership of other alliances to switch sides claiming their leaders tried to sell them out at the summit (which they didn't).

You guys scream Honor and Fair Play while double dealing, backstabbing, and cheating in some cases with multiple accounts and spies in every alliance. Real peace of work your alliance, honorless and dishonest beyond any I have seen in this game. Like the Borgias your day will come and there will be no mercy for your tyranny and worthless behavior.
And what proof do you have of this?


I think...Comm..wants some~!
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I know this topic is older but still is new to me;

Okay sorry am stepping in, yes I am no longer in this world as a player. But I was one of the original Co-Founders of LSB. And Yes we gained from a merge from The Unsullied, but you do forget we were already a growing power before that. My own alliance Memoriam Gladium was by itself, until Reapers try to befriend us into attacking Venomous Snakes. I told them I would consider and instead they used our name to incite the start of the merge.

So if you still on insisting LSB derived from The Unsullied then your sadly mistaken tock.

But thats old news and well I just got out of the hospital, and well in a new depth and era at this stage of game. I wish you all best of luck.
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The representatives who went to that meeting were NOT authorized by the membership to do more than listen and then present the deal that was being offered to the council. Unlike many alliances IW was and will be a Democracy. The two representatives were not acting in good faith to either the other people at that gathering or to the membership and tried to set themselves up as dictators. One of them disappeared a few days after the meetings never to be seen again the other lied thru his teeth, was removed from his office etc.

The Alliance membership was not about to let itself to be dictated to or have terms forced on it by outside parties. It still doesn't. We were lied to about how long the cease fire was for, the terms and what the other parties at the table were doing (considering LSB allied itself with the 'enemy' that the new coalition was supposed to be opposing FROM THE START it seems LSB came to the table to betray EVERYONE.

The cease fire was ended 5 days AFTER the original time that we had agreed to. We refused to be held to an agreement made with a representative that overstepped his agreed to power to negotiate and then evidently quit the game after the negotiations. For all we know he was working for you folks all along or a fake account that had weaseled himself into a position of power (he was NOT part of the original leadership but was added during a merger of another smaller alliance into ours).

As for lack of Honor - shall we note that you were yourself a member of our sister/academy alliance and then left to join the folks who became our enemy? That LSB derived from The Unsullied who were all Traitors and deserters from IW in the first month and who swore to destroy us? We do not forget such actions lightly. Once a man with no honor, traitor and deserter, always such.
Tock, I really hope you return to this world - it's been a little boring without you. Again with the fake account accusations as well, you make for the best reads...always have. In all sincerity, I hope all is well in RL for you and your family.

Regarding your post, you still should have notified us that they had no authority to extend such an offer and that you were removing it. Instead you tried to catch us off guard and use it to your advantage and make fools out of us. So no, you do not get to play the honor card with us. That is not the action of a honorable alliance. You can make up all of things you want about cheating, but the actions of your alliance speaks louder than your words.