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I am truly honored. Yesterday I may have lost my only town, I may have been the first in this world to do so, yet I still I consider it a great personal victory.

For I thought that I was no one; merely insignificant in the world of Grepolis and yet I drew the challenge of the best and I take that challenge to mean that I was seen as the greatest of threats, which must be dispatched immediately. And although I was defeated, I was defeated by the greatest Grepolis champion in the history of all Grepolis ages. Not only a skilled and courageous warrior, a brilliant tactician, the most convincing of diplomats, but a gentleman above all else.

For I thought I could hide from this fate and live the life of a peaceful gold trader. I tried distancing myself from the core of my alliance (by several hours by the fastest of transports) to avoid such unwanted battles, but alas, as great hunters do, the great warrior sought me out, found me and spawned immediately next to me. Whilest I was distracted in other realms by Large Temples, World Wonders and the impending battle for domination, the inescapeable rival had quickly and quietly amassed 3 cities on my island, some as much as 3 times the size of my own; one could only stand brave as David did when facing Goliath.

The internal debate between building offense or defense was agonizing. So many non revolt attacks had me believing this was going to be a conquest world and those damn bandit camps kept killing my backsnipe!

The irony was not lost as narcissism ran rampant through the streets of my unscrupulous town for days on end. The stone hail raining from the skies every 30 minutes was devastating upon an already demoralized town; and every time a neophyte hoplite could be trained, the lone brave warrior faced an army of 700 slingers.

His persistence rivals only his strategy. The wrath I faced from my alliance nearly led to courtmartial when the tutorial quest slow transports were destroyed by a second wave of attacks nearly 8 seconds after the clearing waves. The timing so great even the bottiest of botters was impressed.

The breaking of the level 4 cave was perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back. Truly a stroke of genius. For without that protection from the fog of war, how could one hide the fact that support was coming in by slow transport and in some cases bireme tutorial quest? “Pick a time and stack” could not be accomplished so far from allies and this fact could not be hidden long against skillful cavebreaking plays.

But as a true gentleman fighter would do, this great adversary showed mercy as well, refusing to farm favor and took no loot during his hundred visits. The bandits on the island should be grateful that he not show them a thing or two!

There was to be no shaking of hands at midfield, for this adversary was all business. The typically silver tongued diplomat was speechless (perhaps for the first time ever) and left this mouth breather’ attempts at communication left on read.

The dream of a glorious Library and an all knowing Oracle is lost to the world, but alas, I have learned the greatest of lessons which no library can hold: humility.

I am truly humbled and consider it an honor to have had the opportunity to be challenged by the absolute, no questions asked, best there is, best there was and best there ever will be. I hereby concede all my crowns and artifacts and may I herunto the end of time be known as to minilopsuchia or microlopsuchia in a small homage towards the only player in this game that I, or any of you could ever aspire to be like.
I am a better man for having read this. We are all better for merely being in the presence of this type of genius. Kudos, Maximolopsuchia.


Bravo. Certainly A for effort.

Though why you’re so defensive about losing a 2k city is bizarre and beyond me. Care to explain?

Despite the time and effort you spent to try to give this post a veneer of lightheartedness (pro tip: sarcasm is not really humor), it’s a pretty transparent attempt at rationalizing and diminishing the significance of losing a 2k city. You’ve also taken some liberties with the facts (yes, I looted some resources, no, those 20 transports I destroyed were not all from the quest), further demonstrating your insecurity. Again, weird. Almost uncomfortably so.

Even though I seem to be in your head, I can assure you that it was all business and nothing personal. You were an isolated red that I had an opportunity to remove. That’s all.

Finally, you, like so many, resort to the straw man fallacy when trying to land your punches.

I post in these forums to call people out for their toxicity, hypocrisy, self-delusion, etc…. All things that bring the community down into the gutter. I truly believe that someone needs to police the truth, facts, decency, and fair play because Innogames won’t do it themself. No community can exist unless the members have a shared story, grounded in reality and based on a set of generally accepted facts. This foundation is missing in this “community.” Some disagree with my methods and my mission. I accept that.

But what I don’t do in these forums is self-promote. I don’t post about my play. I don’t post about my skill. I don’t post about my timing. I don’t post about my achievements. I may defend myself when my caliber of play is attacked, and I may dispute a mischaracterization of my performance in-game with objective facts. But I have never claimed to be a great player. I have not expressed subjective opinions about being “better” than any another player. I challenge anyone to pull one post from my hundreds in these forums, where I have made such explicit statements.

I don’t make those statements because, as I have gone on record stating many times before, it is very simple to be a “good” player in this game. It’s nothing to brag about. All you need is a baseline understanding of game mechanics - which are not rocket science and can be absorbed by anyone so inclined within a couple of weeks of gameplay - and sufficient time and money. That’s it… a “good” player is mostly just a function of time and money. Indeed, under the right circumstances, with enough time and money, an otherwise very average player can have godlike “success,” i.e. big BP and points totals.

Just because I come down on people for their BS in-game and in these forums, does not mean I think I am a better player. That’s the logical fallacy; that’s the straw man you set up and try to knock down with your “story”. Do I believe I play this game in a more principled, responsible manner than most? Absolutely. Do I believe I am more scrupulous, and that I apply my moral compass here where many others don’t? You bet. So write your sarcastic stories with a caricature of me as a self-righteous prick. At least that’s logical. But the suggestion that I am arrogant because I believe I am a “great” player is baseless and illogical.
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Bravo. Certainly A for effort.....
Glad you were entertained.

Couldn’t care less about losing a 2k city on a red island. Its just a game and I’ve lost countless cities, this was just the latest and I wouldn’t presume it to be the last.

Call it straw man, call it a false logic, believe what you want, I’ll simply say that yes, you got in my head. Wasn't trying to land any punches-all in good fun, simply I wanted your attention I wanted a response; here you are, so mission accomplished.

Reason being that in another since deleted forum thread, You called me an “unscrupulous frontrunner”. I said why. And then crickets. The thread went on to be deleted; more curious than offended, I PM’d you asking why you felt that way and received no response. Being called “weird” by a stranger on the internet is fine and surprisingly accurate. While I may not have honor worthy of being the subject of Aristotles writings, I certainly dont feel I've earned the reputation of unscrupulous.

I could be mistaken, but I recall no direct interaction between the two of us in any world. Closest I can think of was your disapproval of Pillars taking me in as a refuge in Nikaia, but that was three years ago and don’t recall our paths crossing since.

I’ve been wrong a thousand times, and this could another, but I don’t believe I’ve ever posted anything “toxic, hypocit(ical), or self-delusion(al)”. Some of us don’t mind constructive criticism, but in your attempt to police the forums you went straight into attack mode for reasons unknown. If the animal house reference was lost on some, then I will try and update my pop culture loony toons.

Your response here was the most constructive of all your posts I’ve read. Highly doubt I’ve read them all and maybe earlier your posts were positive, encouraging and/or actually answered the question at hand, but lately, in my opinion, your posts have been as toxic as anyone else. By all means, call people out on their BS, but there is a decent way go about it; make it constructive, as you did here. Your mission statement seems completely reasonable and I’d agree that the game has lost any sense of code and really is a free for all.

As for “no resources”, fair enough, you took some; call it artistic license or a different method of rounding.

In regards to the transports; None were mine. I made the assumption they were from island quests. If I made 20 slow transports that would be about 10 more than I’ve built in the past year. I hate slow transports except for the occasional anchor. It was my poor attempt at sarcasm (which can be funny)—the court-martial being a reference to the hate mail of not returning them to their owner-trying to insinuate that the owners wanted them dead. My assumption, as none were mine, is that they were from tutorial quests, just not mine. Believe me or don’t, I simply wouldn’t waste the resources in a less than 2k town on an all red island.

Thanks for the thoughtful response. We’ll agree to disagree on the “decent” way to go about deterring the bad actors in the forum and in-game. But I like how you phrased your diagnosis:

the game has lost any sense of code and really is a free for all

Well put.

If it makes you feel any better, I would describe a lot of players in the game as “unscrupulous frontrunners.” You were identified directly as a byproduct of your involvement in that thread. But the comment - made before Chania started - couldn’t be proven more beautifully than it is now.

Because who are you playing with now in US-116? The all-singing, all-dancing crap alliance of US servers, TBD. An alliance helmed by the one and only, the confirmed cheater, exploiter, and ultra-unscrupulous leader, Meg the Beagle. The alliance spearheaded by two of the most ridiculous powergamers and gold abusers US servers have ever seen, brianraleigh and Junkyard God (I mean, how do you even get an 8k city in 72 hours in a speed 2 world?). The alliance with enablers like Putter who won’t just willfully blind themselves to the cheating and abusive tactics, but who will affirmatively gaslight and publicly defend them. The alliance now rostering, to no one’s surprise at all, the US servers’ universally renowned most “impolite,” unsportsmanlike (trying to comply with forum rules here) player, Orderless, and the worldwide most selfish, despicable scumbag who always ends every server alone for good reason, Game Error.

Those are your chosen allies. And this is far from your first world playing with these players. You also had a string of worlds playing with Athenakin’s group, who led a similarly disreputable outfit for a long time, and most recently was part of the now-notorious Disney alliance of US-115.

And you’ve bailed a few times on your alliances to join the eventual world winners, although loyalty in this game is so scarce I can hardly blame you, and context of alliance changes is important. My memory is not good enough to reconstruct the context, but I remember believing at the times that you were blatantly frontrunning, and I have no reason to doubt those judgments now.

Like it or not, you are judged by your friends and associates. It’s true in life, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t also be true here. Don’t like being labeled an unscrupulous frontrunner? Then stop playing with unscrupulous players and stop frontrunning.
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Why do you hate Disney so badly... Are you more of a Nikolodean kinda person? I can f with that.
Because he was all excited, trying to pick between being Jafar or Scar, and I was all like, "NO! I want you to be my Prince Charming" and then he was all like "I'm not going to do it then." True story.


Because he was all excited, trying to pick between being Jafar or Scar, and I was all like, "NO! I want you to be my Prince Charming" and then he was all like "I'm not going to do it then." True story.
Or more likely the fact your founders Beast and Belle (Exit and Natalia) was nothing but toxic racist homophobic bigots, attacking innocent members of this community, supported by weak minded players such as yourselves. But that's just a guess.


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Or more likely the fact your founders Beast and Belle (Exit and Natalia) was nothing but toxic racist homophobic bigots, attacking innocent members of this community, supported by weak minded players such as yourselves. But that's just a guess.
Mega got himself a lady friend, liking each others posts, supporting each other in there blunt cold attacks on people,

you said your a wife and mother, so are you his wife or his mother or both.. rofl


Or more likely the fact your founders Beast and Belle (Exit and Natalia) was nothing but toxic racist homophobic bigots, attacking innocent members of this community, supported by weak minded players such as yourselves. But that's just a guess.
Terrible guess. Unfortunatly for you and all the simps in here, Belle's partner is female. You should probably work on your triggers.


Mega, only you could drag out the taking of a gold farming city to the point of utter discussed, we all know that we are not nor ever will be the glorified sanctimonious ass you are.
So do us a favor and just ride your glorious ass off into the sunset. PLEASE!
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Terrible guess. Unfortunatly for you and all the simps in here, Belle's partner is female. You should probably work on your triggers.
But why dose that not surprise me, only someone as ignorant as Natalia would be homophobic to others, while she is in a relationship with another female. Just Natalia allover. Still dose not change the fact she was attacking other members in a homophobic way.
The fact these knights/simps gather around her... is not to marry her! her sexual orientation means little to them, she is a low life and willing to expose herself for sake of financial gain. Please stop replying with stupid comments to defend your friend, your all as bad as each other.
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I wanted to marry her. :rolleyes:

Now just want to see girl-girl. So still all good. Athena lady you are her friend for real? not like the other people that say they are but can't contact her? please tell her msg me here.
I want to join. :cool:


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Thank you for that thorough response as I at least now I have something to work with. As you are the self appointed police with the goal of maintaining/restoring honor among grepolis, I request the opportunity to defend myself and dispute a few facts that you have presented.

You have presented two arguments:
1. You don’t like who I am playing with
2. I may or may not have been front running and it was years ago and you don’t recall the details.
At this point I can only assume that by “front running” you mean that I left one alliance just to get an easy crown, would that be correct? I’ll assume it was the aforementioned Pillars domination victory in Nikaia.

We can start with the second argument if it pleases the court.
1. You admit that context for leaving an alliance is important and that you have no context only that you assumed I was front running.
2. If its crowns and coattails you’re looking at then do your research and dont stop jumping to conclusions-thats just bad police work. I played more worlds with Cooter (RIP) than I’ve played with any of the players you mentioned. That should be enough to tell anyone that I enjoy the game win/lose or draw. I did not play every world with him, but we talked every world and he had no problem with me coming and going on his team (I encourage June or Therapy to interject if I am mistaken) knowing that yes every now and then winning is enjoyable and he would even at the end of the worlds “boost” some of his players to the winning team, if allied, so they could share in the victory. I have the utmost respect for him and his crew and those that just want to play; and I have always refused orders to attack them.

So in the beginning of Nikaia I was recruited into an alliance by DeFame, whom I played with in Lamia. About 3-4 weeks into the server I took a week vacation. When I returned Defame had ghosted the alliance had fallen apart and the remains had relocated 3 oceans away and had no contact with me. I was in an alliance of one for weeks. Getting attacked daily by killingmob and crash and was given “join us or die” ultimatums by BeZeMa. I said, I guess I’ll be dying. Landgobbler and I believe Deathwisher (yes it was a few years back so I may have some rounding issues) recruited me into rocks moving co or something (which became shawnee) along those lines and was fine there for a few weeks. Eventually Landgobbler and deathwisher abandoned that alliance and joined bezema & co and also told me to join or die.

Shawnee/moving co was moving away from me and there was someone in the forums telling everyone to defend with catapults and that we should build Cyclops because they destroy walls. It also appeared as though they were about to pact with those I’d spent the entire server fighting. If Seal team bill or rock wants to say that I betrayed them for an easy win then so be it, but you sir are out of line with that assumption. And I say it was far from easy, at least for me.

Marina invited me to Pillars II with no expectation of anything and all I wanted to do was play and not quit, but to continue to fight those that have been beating on me. I don’t like to quit. As Pillars lost players to atrophy as it happens, I was invited. I’m quite certain you and your crew were invited ahead of me. Is that why you’re upset? Is that why you turned the invite down, because you thought I was frontrunning? And you're still judging people with no context? You're judging me for standing up for myself? For getting help against a bully?

My first world where I knew what was going on, Lamia, my alliance Mercenaries had a similar situation. Everyone was leaving ship. I told the shinygroundhog and kurt that I’d stick with them. They both hit VM and gave me founders rights. Damn searrepairman came knocking on my walls every day. NYNick was a great advocate for team 1map, but eventually I decided ‘superunknown’ was too big of a turd and we (the 3 remaining non VM mercenaries) chose team CLINTAURUS (and DeFame). Someone demanded that I disband the mercenaries and stick it to shiny, but I refused and eventually shiny did return on the 42nd day. If he wants to say I betrayed him for an easy win then so be it, but no I wont accept you saying it. Ended up that I was on the winning team, but to say it was an easy win; I'll dispute that as well.

By all means judge me, but judge me on my losses as well as my wins. Side-getting my ass kicked there, but still fighting. More VM birdflips than I can count. A dozen teammates flipped for the easy W, but I’m still there in my original alliance. Pharae, alliance fell apart; didn’t quit, didn’t join anyone else. Mocholos, fought til the end. Teos, not looking good at the moment but still fighting.

So now we can move on to guilt by association. If guilt by association is your argument, then you do your namesake an injustice. I’m not here to defend Meg, Brian, GE or anyone else.
You see my name with theirs and you make assumptions without looking at facts or circumstances. I fought against them as much as I’ve played with any of them. In fact, the first time I played with Meg, her alliance defeated the one I was in and absorbed us. I later got pissed off and attacked Brian and got booted from the alliance. World was already over, but it happened. I doubt they remember, but yeah I’ve been known to do that.

Do I vet everyone in every alliance I play in to make sure they are the most honorable? No this game takes too much time as it is. If my leadership says we are merging, then I go ahead and do it; is that not loyalty? I play with those that invite me and don’t seek out whomever I think has the best chance for me to sim to a win. If me not paying attention to every line of text in a discord server and so I should know who confesses to every crime, well that would make me naïve not unscrupulous.
And if you want everyone to vet everyone, do you ask every player with a grep score under 50k for a background check? Are you sure everyone is who they say they are. I’ve advocated for limits on gold (but not for abolishing gold as several others have suggested). I’m all for getting rid of alts so everyone can know who everyone else is. But if I didn’t play with abc because xyz is on the team and if I treated every alliance that way then there wouldn’t be anyone left to play with.
  • No I’m not in nor was in Disney. Don’t like that main character. I believe you assumed wrong as I was simply on that thread to support Therapy in his finding alts to be disagreeable. I stand up to bullies. I have disliked “Beast” and don’t know that I could play with him under any circumstances (I believe we were in the same alliance for about a week, but he ghosted before my internal debate was able to make a decision).
  • Byblos-Yes I’ve played with alts, no I have no alts. Well I certainly didn’t want to be part of the Dream Team with their leadership. Mr Impossible invited me and I still don’t know who he is and I don’t know why I was invited, but I wasn’t going to turn it down. I had no idea who the righteous were but they were there to fight Dream Team and I was on board. If there was anything less than honorable on either side, I was not aware at the time; all I hear now is rumors and I’d claim it was an even playing field. Maybe that’s your point, everyone is doing it so no one should play?
  • I don’t think you’ll find any player to claim that I turned on them or left an alliance for an easy crown, or any crown for that matter.
  • I don’t bot-barely use the scripts that are approved, dont bp boost, never been a spy, rarely attack gold traders or anyone considerably smaller unless they’re showing IA or any of the like. If I’ve ever spammed and been told by a leader to stop then I’ve stopped. I have no alts.
I came here to give you the benefit of the doubt. But if your answer is guilt by association and (paraphrasing) ‘I felt that way once, don’t really remember why and see no reason to change my mind’, then I’ll have trouble taking your word for any accusations. I’m not going to tell you to stop or that you shouldn’t be the one to police the game and hold everyone to a standard, but simply request that you do a better job of it as you are doing your namesake an injustice.