1. Crusanderth

    Effectivness of Wall against Flying Units

    Greetungs everyone, I have been looking around for more information on the effectiveness of a wall 25 against flying units. In a revolt world, is it even effective to build up the wall? It seems as Manti Nukes can just bypass a Bireme wall and attack the land units as is, clearing it for the...
  2. Catapults and City Walls

    Hi Does anyone know how many levels the city wall will be knocked down if i use a catapult to attack a city? Thanks
  3. Wall

    This is a really trivial question, but I couldn't find it in the wiki, and I had trouble finding it on a google search as well. So sorry if this seems like a waste of forum space to more experienced players. Does the wall get destroyed whenever you get attacked? In theory, the wall seem useful...