1. how doy ou stop a revolt caused by an attack

    that is my question
  2. Farmin Villages revolting during Forced loyalty

    Farming villages keep revolting while I have Forced Loyalty on!!! This has already cost me a bunch of units!!!
  3. Extend Revolt

    Can I extend the time a revolt lasts by sending a new revolt attack or any other way? If I can't, can I start a new revolt immediately after the first one ends?
  4. Revolt attack

    I have a CS and Conquest researched, and I want to conquer a new city but I have one problem. I cannot figure out how to send a revolt attack. help? I've tried clicking on the picture that says regular attack but it doesn't switch it to a revolt.
  5. No revolt attack option

    I am in a revolt world and I have conquest researched and have a CS in my dock but I am not given the option to send any attack except a regular attack. Any advice or assistance would be helpful. I have read through the revolt section on wiki numerous times to verify my t's were crossed and i's...
  6. Revolt world guides on defense

    Not enough information on tactics and techniques of defense in a revolt world. Could someone with the expert knowledge of revolt please create one?
  7. can you stop a revolt

    one of my members has a revolt starting in his city is there anyway we can stop them
  8. colony ships in revolt

    when i am taking over another city does the city still have to be within the 48 hour range of the colony ship or is the 48 hour limit only for colonizing?