Dragon II

Hey guys!
I have been doing a couple of videos about grepolis and I just published one!
Here is the link:
Please share your opinions with me about it!

Thanks for your time!


Hey @Dragon II, nice job!
I really liked your video and saw you have 2 more on your channel.

This is what I love to see - community growing on it's own and giving their best to get new players in it.

Suggestion: Not sure how good are you with visual effects, but the thing I'd love to see is something like top 5. Top 5 attacking units, top 5 OLU/DLU nukes, top 5 alliances in US/EN servers etc, there are many ideas that could work out.
This way you can bring this game closer to new players and get them pumped up!

I really hope @Ryvirath will see this because this is something that I would like to see sponsored/boosted/advertised. Nothing better than a community member giving his contribution. Seriously, think about it.