World Wonder question from a player in Gamma


Can someone look at the Wiki here:

Read the table where is describes the upgrade times.
The resources needed is self explanatory, as the wiki clearly states to double or triple the times on speed 2 and 3 words.
However it ignores mentioning that for the upgrade times and the favor reduction times if they are longer or shorter in different speed words.

Can someone tell me how much time is shaved off your construction and tell me what level your wonder is at so I can compare it to the table in the wiki.

Also, the can someone tell me how much time it takes for you to go from one level to the next and tell me what level you are referring to -also so I can compare it to the Wiki.

I hope my made my question clear - TY !


The times and the times favor takes off are all the same I believe for all world speeds. Only difference is the resources needed.


That's exactly what I remember from Delphi, but it was a year ago ..
But I need someone in Alpha that's in an alliance building wonders to confirm that