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Oliver Clothesoff

Ok after discussing, several of us in RA and Syndicate think it would be a fun idea to get a world chat going on skype. More or less like the externals, but more anarchistic.

If you would like to partake in this chat then post your skype name, IGN, and Alliance below and check-mate:)p)will add you to the room!

For those overly concerned about this idea, dont be. It is mostly for fun and shenanigans.. If you havent been in one before, you should try it.

I am going to keep track of all who are involved in the chat so far by IGN:
1. Righteous Reject Syndicate
2. Tafao Nuke
3. Swamp-Fox Radioactive
4. Argalus Syndicate
5. midnightE Nuke
6. androsa Nuke
7. bow b4me Radioactive
8. lady blue jay Radioactive
9. battyani Radioactive
10. UndrDawg Nuke
11. oafus Syndicate
12. trickortreat60 Syndicate
13. JoshtheGreat789 Syndicate Secundum
14. master chief 64 Nuke
15. dechampion666 Nuke
16. giraffeattack69 Just add water...
17. draceus Radioactive
18. enkil Radioactive
19. funandgames Radioactive
20. tonyb10032 Radioactive
21. lord bravo Nuke
22. roman lawz Turn Down For What
23. peterpanic Radioactive
24. rated007 Radioactive
25. scr3amwolf Radioactive
26. seaangler Nuke
27. thweatt Nuke
28. tangle Radioactive
29. trails2follow Radioactive
30. white khalifa Honorary Guest
31. whiteface Radioactive
32. niko Dishonorary Non-Guest
33. julep fall out
34. borkica fall out
35. fishgetter fall out
36. ForcexRecon Nuke
37. SmashNGrab Dark Waters
38. AZmael Dark Waters
39. Orickk Radioactive
40. lcelce baby fall out
41. heerkens fall out
42. KLL1 fall out
43. cew42 Nuke
44. ana1005 Nuke
45. lisa the great Dark Waters
46. CirceEnchantress Dark Waters
47. MamaIsis Just add water...
48. edbo Nuke
49. r.h.stogus Nuke
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update this ollie boy we have 10 members currently and im waiting on you before i add more

ok i just added:
master chief
lord bravo
roman lawz
white khalifa (hes gonna get mad i can tell)
niko :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

now lady bluejay has to tell us who she added
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Lady BlueJay

I added some old alliance mates

julep from fallout
borkica from fallout
fishgetter from fallout
its me messiahe from fallout
caplices from radioactive
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master list updated 8)
you need to put which alliance people are in

and put how many people in each alliance are in it

and put each alliance (when its next to a player name and in italics) in a different color but academies have to be a variation of the same color as their main alliance so a DIFFERENT SHADE of the same color


[7/8/14, 11:57:32 AM] Capiclese/Caelib/supersop: that's ForceXRecon
[7/8/14, 11:57:37 AM] Capiclese/Caelib/supersop: Matt Thompson

not sure what that means... i know forcexrecon was added idk who matt thomson is


Who is the bouncer to this club? I would like entry please and thank you in advance. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with forum etiquette, so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong area. Skype: Orickk
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