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You had great chance to train and teach new players in Rhodes @Emperor Loki. There're a lot of them in all alliances, including one you have led and left. You still have it there with your new team, but babysitting players is not a way to train and teach them. It's war game. And, yes, gold helps a lot but doesn't win the world. Half of our Rhodes roster doesn't use it except for advisors, and not even for all of them.
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I left them Guides and Instructions and then left them to it.... May be about time to check back in... Thanks @Jellaa


Vixen24 and LethalSniper hurt me... They caused Thumper to quit... Yet 1 is VM and the other is still at war with Shenanigans Daily... Just a hint... Vixen24 was the that one that VM because my Helmet of Invisibility Spells would dodge her Pings and I kept Farming her... So she left...

Sniper is really the one that did it, he took poor Thumper's City and made the Rabbit lose his mind... He thought Sniper was Invincible in the Whole of Grepolis lol...

Which if anyone is close to being invinsible, it would be lethalsniper... He forgot I was the 5th Horsemen though, Providence...