World Chi Radio Station


Hey Mr. Chiguanas are too small too make it (American Standard), yet here we still are... Hard Heavy Metal Rock is what I'm listening to as I come after the players you left behind brah... You know tracks like Let the Bodies Hit The Floor...

Yea so RIP, American Standard Mr. Know it all is gone and now that I think about it I retract the R.I.P. The only thing that needs to RIP is this Radio Station so I bid it farewell to Hard Heavy Metal as I prepare to mess with the Alliance he left behind ;)

Enjoy your cup of chocolate milk lol, and come back I dare ya ;)


Get Down With The Sickness!!!!

Looking at my own reflection when suddenly it changes... Violently it changes!!!

Get up! Come on get down with the sickness!!!
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American Standard

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Dang Ace...I must have really done a number on you in a past world or something....LOL....Such anger towards me!

@jham: LOL....That is actually pretty good...:)
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