Wonder Race


Last I checked Victor of the world is the actual win. :) Congrats on getting the crown as most of us quit Alpha to move on to other challenges. In the Hof it lists the victor of the world as the winner, with a little side note of the alliances who get the crown, which can be several. Granted LOT did really hold out and continue to fight long after many of us moved on to a new challenge. Sadly, I heard that many are still playing. Must be a lot of fun conquering ghosts. :)
this is the same thing i would say if i had wreath and not the actual crown


From the Grepolis Wiki.
"When one alliance completely builds up and controls 4 of the 7 World Wonders then they will have 'won' that world."

This defines both winning, and the conditions it takes to do so. Thankfully, Draceus, Inno chose to value teamwork above having more cities and players. Flip is a slave-driver, that is helpful during wonders.....him putting big players in the alliance worked out better than the ego-friction-fail of LoT/Phoenix trying to band together near the end.

All the same, congratulations to everyone who stuck with it for the crown, and made the server a great experience for those of us who were experiencing Grepolis for the first time.